you can just take it. a street photography interview – jason martini

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interview by jaydine sayer images by jason martini!/jasonmartini


Mikko Tyllinen says:

Interesting video, interview and absolutely amazing street pictures!

“you can just take it. a street photography”


Kadir Tellioglu says:
bwc1976 says:

Awesome work! I wish I lived somewhere as big and crowded as Chicago, it’s
harder to shoot street candids in a small town or suburb where only a few
people are out walking at a time.

Orfeu says:

Great piece! Thanks!

Matt Austen says:

nice shots

the piano tune is really annoying though =

Ken Gray says:

this guy is one of the best i’ve seen…

EarthCrawler says:

the picture at 17s is hilarious ha

Gregory Heath says:

neat outlook…

Andy Q. says:

Great interview with one of my favourite street photographers here on
Google+, +Jason Martini.

Erly Bahsan says:

+Jason Martini Martini on his street photography, great photos in his video

Goncalo Martins says:

Michal Fanta says:

I had no idea about +Jason Martini’s interview about street photography. I
like very much that the interviewer also asks people on the street how they
feel about being photographed.

#streettogs #streetphotography #photography #foto

Jesús León says:

Jason Martini: street photography

Daniel Martini says:

A clip with Street Photographer Jason Martini.

Victor Bezrukov says:

beautiful inspiration !!!
interview by jaydine sayer
images by +Jason Martini 

C. Thomas Anderson says:

Nice video, Jason. I enjoyed the narration and the interview of your
subjects. I too shoot from the hip or the gut.

Stefanie G. says:

Funny. I was taking pictures with my cell phone yesterday as I was walking
home and I felt really awkward. There were times when I just stopped a bit
and took the picture and continued on my way. There were also instances
where I just took the photo as I was walking. It’s difficult! The whole
time I was worried about whether or not I was doing was wrong or illegal
and what I would do if I would be caught taking someone’s photo with a 35mm

dudekaus says:

wow…great pictures…very inspiring…and very different from how other
streetphotographers I have seen on youtube with a zillion videos..heading
to your website right away :)

ToddB987 says:

Just takeIt? That will get you a slurry of profanity if you don’t ask. I
alway ask, in most cases people are reseptive and will agree to have thier
picture taken if you ask. be careful.

100timessquare says:

Is that a young Bernie Mack at 4:12?

nachwurst says:

nice format

lifeartpixels says:

@jasonmartiniphoto some very great shots in here, nice!

rguitarboi2 says:

i love everyones opinions of street photography

TjSilver1995 says:

Thanks for the tips Jason. As a photo 1 student, this is what I am most
interested in as well, street photography. I love it.

coolcatrandy says:

Nice video and interview Jason. Thanks for sharing in our group.

steve denny says:

Great video, impressive shots too! Im often walking the streets of London
‘shooting people’, Ive been chased, sworn at, ordered to delete shots and
even searched by the police, but nothing will take away the thrill of
candids for me, one tip I can give and that is to find time to check the
work out of other photog’s, theres always something else to learn!

mark y says:

his descriptions of street photography are truly wonderful

Achwaq Khalid says:

“You can just steal it.” i love this term, great B&W collection by the way

NormanVsNorman says:

Great vid! Love it! Subscribed! Keep on!

db332y says:

pitcher-pitcture, phertography-photographer

79blt says:

oh the joys of america and snapping people freely! i love street photog,
not so easy living here but i think im gonna give it a try

Féhell'Artofmomo Manoa Med says:

yes that’s reall pho J’aime beaucoup énorme,

James Campbell says:

Great feature Jason. Keep shooting.

thundergranitecolor says:

2:03 Kate Middleton in her hood years

Jordan Bunch says:

I loved this. Great interview. Great quotes. Excellent photography. Good

Alva Burroughs says:

Great video but seems unfinished. Will there be more videos?

bob steve says:

this guys crazy i love it lol

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