Xperia™ Z3 – a premium smartphone that’s serious about photography

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Xperia Z3 is a premium phone that’s serious about photography. With an Exmor RS for mobile image sensor and the highest ISO of any smartphone camera, you can still capture breathtaking pictures…


Kach says:

Well it’s not true. I love the phone but camera quality is very bad.

Safari Geek says:

*Comercial do Xperia Z3*

Se tem algo que a Sony sempre manda bem, são as peças publicitárias.

Hooded Isa says:

You think of buying an iPhone 6? Well that thought may be killed now.

YoutubeWatcher24/7 says:


MineZooka Owni says:

If this phone comes in purple color then i’ll buy it
If not well
Can always hope the next one does

Nicky Wedemeyer says:

Song: London Grammar – Nightcall

Asyraf Md Rodzi says:

Please release the google play edition. Waiting for so long for Xperia
lineup to have Google Play Edition.


عن قريب

muscle_growsayain says:

Camera is awesome…..

Rizky Adidharma says:

I’m your fan sony, but it’s impossible that Z3 record that night video that
clean, must be full of noises, even the video from daytime worse than
competitior, only win for digital stabilization

Alberth Ordoñez says:

it is called the music that appears in this demo

Oscar Alejandro de Leon Garcia says:

Are you kidding me Nokia Lumia have totally the best camera in low light
and whatever conditions

Sandeep Parui says:

Not possible…
I am using 2 sony phones…. Xperia SP and Xperia Z1
They hav worst camera quality 

kasuygonzaga says:

Please bring back the color purple in all your future phones. I am a proud
Xperia Z user and hasn’t upgraded since my phone is still very much alive
and capable (probably way better than iPhone 6, tbh).

But if any future Z series would have purple again, I will consider
upgrading. :D

Fanfen Lee says:

ady get it !!! LOVE Z3 

Jumakuly Mahmudov says:

The best of Sony 

Mazin Alzadjali says:

I hope Sony stop making those stupid phones every month

Henry Jones says:

If you think these phones are horrible, then it means that you don’t know
how to use them..(*cough* for example… Mr. Sandeep Parui).

Paweł Pięta says:

“Don’t settle for good. Demand great.”
Sony, I demand great, not an optics with huge pincushion distortion.

Alex Papas says:

As always sony, big promises , but in action your camera is mediocre at

Armada Pejuang says:


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