Why it is Important to “Work the Scene” in Street Photography

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In this presentation, I share the work of the master Magnum photographers (Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Diane Arbus, Martine Franck) and share the importance of “working the scene”…


Coy Koehler says:

Great Video, Eric. Intriguing how images, unconsciously, repeat themselves.
I worked as a photo editor for a mobile stock photography company, it was a
temp gig, and I saw an insurmountable images that looked the same. It was
surreal and eye-opening because of how our visual conscious emulates each
others without anyone even knowing. Cheers, man.

Eric Kim Photography says:

If you shoot street photography and only take 1-2 photos of the scene,
remind yourself the importance of “working the scene” and shooting at least
10+ photos of a scene!

SunriseInTheMidwest says:

I like this format with the powerpoints. Thanks.

Do you think Bruce Gilden has a few photos where he worked the scene? His
photos always seem like 1 time shots. 

Abraham Dakin says:

I like your ‘version’ of the sleeping man better than the ‘original’. 

inhumain says:

Not chimping is great when you re confident with the camera. Not being used
to Leica rangefinder, I’ve found myself a couple times embarassed with a
series of plain black pictures, due to not removing the cap lens…

William Posner says:

Bro u get me so fuckin nervous cuz ur mad awkward. and ur stealing other
ppl work talking bout history repeats itself. yea its called, quote quote,

Jason Lane says:

I love that shot with the bikies in the cafe line. It evoked a memory of
the last supper, I don’t know whether it is the colours or something
intangible but I would have called “The last supper”. Nice shot

'Camera's&Coffee' says:

Love it! :D

Jay Tony says:

1000 shots a day in film would be madness, but I get the point. I do make
the mistake of not working the scene, so thank you Eric for this great

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