what’s in my camera bag – part i – street photography

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Bohemian photographer says:

we cant earrrr

ToddB987 says:

Great Kit!!! Love film.. I shoot with Nikon FE and a Rolleiflex TLR for my
Street photography. Love it. Your absolutly right.. The cameras back in the
day are tanks and they just plain work. You don’t get distracted and
fiddling with sub menues and constantly chimping the screen as images go

ToddB987 says:

I’ll add to that .. If I want a digital file off a film image I just scan
it. So now you have the best of both worlds a meduim format Negative and
digital file. Thats the best camera any where.

cjmani1 says:

HI, here’s a tip for a light meter: The Gossen Digi 6 (I believe that’s the
model) plus hot shoe adaptor will mount onto your hot shoe and take an
reflective meter reading. It also has the white dome by which you can take
an incident reading. This set up works great on my Nikon FM and I use this
a lot when street shooting.

Abhishek Anand says:


cacapipi says:

You need a new mic or s better one

Aaron Keogh says:

so do you use all these cameras at the same time when you take photos?

rdbasu1981 says:

@aarondkeogh no :) … it’s just what i have…

unboxarena says:

I also use a Nikon FM and it is amazing! I prefer shooting on film when it
comes to street photography.

ToddB987 says:

Awesome man!! Another one that shoot film.. I too shoot film and only film.
I roll with a Nikon FE and Rolleiflex medium format. The only thing I’ll
shoot with digital is goof around picture such the kids playing around
picture that I want tohave but don’t value as much as shooting film.
Anything of value that might make it to my darkroom for printing, I always
shoot with Rollei or the FE. You just can’t beat the look BandW film.

gobeco says:

70´s were the golden years for photo hardware. Metal & Mecanical plus
essence electronics.

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