Webinar: Enhancements for Creating Beautiful Portraits with Photoshop CS6

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Learn more: http://bit.ly/152RsIR Spend an hour with photographer and educator Joe Brady learning how to enhance portrait images using Adobe® Photoshop®. In this free webinar sponsored by…


MoreChannelNoise says:

The control and right click to change the brush tip- well I keep comming
across this advice and it depends on how modern a graphics card you have so
it doesn’ t work on all computers including mine.

angel tzovaras says:

i stopped watching the moment he applied blur on the face on the lady…

Jewel Stiff says:

Great teacher! Easy to listen to and explains thoroughly! I’m learning so

Tigran Petrossian says:

Oh boy… using PS for years and didn’t know the brush resizing trick.

Alessandro Gomes says:
Paul Edwards says:

this guy really doesn’t know how to shop.. Horribly amateurish. 

MrDIlly Pickles says:

wait how do you re edit the amount of blur again with the brush tool it
won’t let me apply more blur it keeps only applying a white or back mark in
old layer :( 

ztahir says:

How to bring color balance adjustment as you did at @46:05 in the video. I
was following the steps and every time I click on the layer, it opens the
layer style window (not the adjustments) and if I try to add color
adjustment layer it creates a new layer like it did in the video @45:37.
Any help please.

William Padamadan says:

Yo, the transform-Wrap technique for shrinking the bodyshapes- problem seen
when we try to shrink the small areas like face. There was a broad linear
line artifact of the background color afetr manipulating the wrap square.
How do we avoid that.
#2 there is a awy to bring the magic lasso tool induced outwrad or inward
deviation caused by my hand movements. Can you help.

Tiffani Palamuso says:

There is so much wrong with this editing. Her [Nicole] face is so blurry
that you can’t even see the transition between her nose and cheek. She
looks fake. Im all for editing like crazy to photos but in my opinion this
is way overdone. Her skin doesn’t look like skin. The gradients on the
young man were backward so it didn’t even look like a backdrop. Some of the
techniques aren’t bad but they are way overdone. Not to mention the first
young lady’s shoulder looks deformed after editing. 

United Action for Youth: Youth Advisory Panel Special Email says:

I can’t find WARP in elments 10. It’s not under edit. I have transform
under image…but no warp.

Peter Adamsson says:

This was great. THX a lot!

john jeason says:

who is the woman in the second pic please

dack6262 says:

IMHO I thought the before picture look better

Gavin Lamp says:

omg…………. yes

TheG7thcapo says:

Wow what a gorgeous face! 

Vince Solomito says:

very well done. thank you.

jamc666 says:

Those kind of videos are the reason why women eat salad without sauce, look
like spare ribs when naked and spend their free time pumping botox in their
faces and elsewhere … People do have wrinkles, spots, and beautiful eyes
with red veins all over them … Surface blur sucks, Eyes retouching sucks,
content aware fill sucks.

Fix the exposition, maybe darken the background somewhat … and leave the
rest *as is*

Diane Soto says:

helpful and very interesting

Huu Bui says:

new computer please

Rayth69 says:

After watching dozens of videos here, I’ve come to realize that this entire
channel is just a blatant promotion video for X-Rite and their products.
And for those of us who are not stupid enough to pay 200$ for a piece of
plastic, it gets old really quick.

KS Portraits says:

this tutorial has helped me out so much.. thank you!

Jesper Milton says:

I enjoyed your video. Thank you

Ilian Kovandzhiev says:

for PC its Alt key not control

ChickenCrazy says:

Great tuto, huge thanks

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