VFX Breakdown – After Effects Compositing Tutorial

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VFX Breakdown – After Effects For More VFX training check out http://www.vfxbro.com This is a VFX Breakdown in Adobe After Effects done by the vfxbro. This V…


Hamza Rahman says:


Luis Fernández Ayala says:

What program You use??

UsedNewsToday says:

That’s amazing work. I’m just getting started with video making. The
possibilities are endless.

acml26 says:

cool, under 302 views

HammondCheese says:

What if I don’t HAVE After Effects? I use Final Cut Express, since it was
what my budget allowed…

Klicket01 says:

@iESCtheCTRL Because I couldn’t afford more when I built the computer?
Sorry I can’t get the top of the line for everything. I have 32 Bit
anyways, so it would be pointless.

FeedMeCheese says:

@slewis Ontop of everything else, DEFINITELY go to VideoCopilot. They’ve
got a fantastic free basic training series and hundreds of awesome effects
you can follow for free :)

ChaoticMatters says:

yay i got it right! I only new cause there was some motion in your

BlairFilmic says:

Great tip on the shadow.

myrtial89 says:

nice thanks. make some more. good job

TheProducer01 says:

ok say you’ve created a 3d character fully animated and you want to have
this character in a scene interacting with a live person. would i use this
same technique to composite the 3d character into the shot?

thevfxbro says:

@Klicket01 perhaps ou have dedicated enough ram in after effects. go to
your prefences and change the dedicated ram to at least 3 gb

Right Elements Productions says:

this is very useful, thanks

Harley2991 says:

wow nice job man

Balle Ballesen says:

awesome :D

confidential007 says:

THAT CHAIR IS GENIUS! Oh my! Good job though. :)

lenoat702 says:


Klicket01 says:

@iESCtheCTRL That makes no sense. My operating system is 32 bit, not the
processor. Anyways, quad cores aren’t that expensive, just the good ones. I
have an AMD Anthlon II X4. It was $100. Quad core? Yes. i7? No. It’s not
top of the line, but it definitely does the job and is a hell of a lot
better than any dual core.

arashogfar says:


Barton Humbel says:


WOSP92 says:


Atomic Monkey says:

i feel like one day trying to figure out how one of the effects in a new
video of FinalCutKing’s is done, and then making a tutorial before you guys
release one :P

Stephen Lewis says:

Great stuff, thank you so much! hey, for someone who wants to get serious
about VFX (like you) what would you suggest they do to learn, from the
fundamentals to the advanced stuff? books, classes, etc? thanks

Ando Razafindrahaingo says:

What about moving subject?

rocker4579 says:

For keying out the person could’nt you just use the roto brush tool??

FirstCutKing says:

awsome,you guys did relly good job :)

thevfxbro says:

@GabloFX2 HAHA i think flame runs abouut 100 k right now… itl be a few

Joseph rizzo says:

@deaththekids86 adobe after effects

thevfxbro says:

@ToAlanToMe ripped off youtube

Pharmit24 says:


Yuvraj Prabhakar says:

i thinking of buying a 3d motion tracker is pf track better or should i get
camera tracker from videocopilot thanks great work

Matthew Kerslake says:

very interesting!! thanks for this

VFX Leopard says:

5 peoples were catched by the youtube police i love your video ;)

Βαγγέλης Ογανεσωφ says:

very big crusor :PPPPPPPPP

LUKKA2020 says:

Excellent work! Keep it up!

Mauricio Falchetti says:

You guys are awesome! I’m making a video based on the Fruit Ninja Tutorial,
next week I’ll post to you watch!

arashogfar says:

@confidential007 why?

blondecrazygaijin says:

WOW! You rock..!!

confidential007 says:

@arashogfar Lol, I don’t know. XP Haha, Boring morning.

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