Unreal Celebrity Photoshop Transformations

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Klaty says:

I honestly think technology can do better than Photoshop… why they even
made a word “photoshopped” when you can do the basic things on other
softwares. I just can’t make anything out of it, because the lag makes me
draw/erase things I didn’t even touch and the eraser has a shading to it, I
just want to delete pixel by pixel!

lovelykitty54 says:

and I want it to stop cause it’ll cause a big issue to kids which will
become a VERY big problem when they grow up, they’ll seek for plastic
surgery even before aging up, they’ll go out turning themselves into
cartoon fashion like dolls, and if someone said they are a little fat or
not looking good in body shape, they will turn themselves into like if
they’re only skin on bones, so yeah a big problem (even for men)

Michael Frake says:

Some of these people honestly looked better before the addition of these
“enhancing” effects.

Madison Taylor says:

We should keep this in the media because kids DO need to lose weight, like
lets be honest we CANT let fat be the new norm! 

trueshadow64 says:

hahaha omfg

Ken Holman says:

Some are downright scary. 

AlyMewGaming says:

I think if I was told this when i was a little girl, I wouldn’t have as
much insecurities.

Daria Forde says:

why do people use photo shop anyway, its just covering up and changing the
real person.
i don’t like those sort of things because the people are made out to be the
ideal person when there just fake

lovelykitty54 says:

I’m actually not one of the 81% cause I actually knew most of it is
photoshoped, and I didn’t really care about being a fashion so skinny girl,
I just liked to be healthy and normal.

JAdHum says:

“81% of 10-year-olds are afraid of being fat.”

They should be. Obesity is the #1 cause of death in the United States; we
shouldn’t minimize the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle habits.

AvangionQ says:

Verily Magazine is the only one that bans Photoshop in its images.

ohitsdan says:

they should make it so if a picture is edited it has a photoshop icon on

YouAlwaysLike says:

I am fat… :’( I weight 57 and i am 10 years old :(

Malorie Mooers says:

way to make people insecure, photoshop.

Squeaky Fied says:

0:38 look at the hand

Mie Carlsonio says:

0:36 Harry?

supercalifragelisticexpielidoscous? says:

I think it is just stupid how they made Jennifer Lawrence skinnier. I mean
she has a perfect weight. She doesn’t need to be a skeleton just to be

The BlockTV says:

I strongly believe that they should put a disclaimer. to tell young girls
that this has been photoshoped. 

astarothification says:

Being fat comes with both the implicit and explicit implication that you
are lazy, unstructured, unintelligible while also being less attractive
naturally. In both the work and dating areas, being seen as
lazy,unstructured and unintelligible (while these 3 characteristic would be
more prevalent in fat people) are huge negative hindrance for fat people.
Fat people need to stop criticizing skinny or fit people and calling them
lifestyle “unrealistic.” There are zero benefits to being fat and a myriad
of benefits to being skinny or fit.

Emily Wood says:

Harry is beautiful either way.

Tom Scanlon says:

before pictures were better on some.

The Lord of The Rings Guy says:

stop it your scaring me :(

Arriss3 says:

The people in these magazines and what not are paid to look like
perfection. I don’t understand why it is so hard for people to understand
that no normal person looks like that. The celebrity on the page is not the
person in real life. Just like how they may not be the same person as you
expected them from all the interviews. You want to look like that? Work
your ass off to become famous and have your body used in the same way.
Don’t pout because you can’t look like that off paper. 

WybjornVR says:

This is infuriating, what on earth looked wrong with Jennifer Lawrence
beforehand? She looks far worse after photoshop.

ChroNic1DiarrHea says:

Harry startled me like the first time I played the maze game lol but Katy
perry looks great either way so did like a couple others most were drastic
changes tho 

Amane Misa says:

Why do you think your daughter who you grew up with barbie dolls asks you
for money to get a plastic surgery? 

John doe says:

Notice how this is an issue that only effects women. They’re pretty much
fake from head to toe.

1995marixsa says:

i think that not too fat not to thin but normal should be in the media like
come on the average size woman can be very sexy 

Ny'Asia Davis says:

I believe that Photoshop is very unnecessary. Of course, it makes some
insecure. And then you have that time when teenagers say: “Look at that!
She looks *so* pretty!” and starts the insecurity phase. I notice that in
these photoshopped pictures, nobody looked bad enough to be put on
Stop the nonsense.

Josh hererra says:

0:37 Ewwww her thumb is sooo ugly

gorillaElf says:


钛白星经 says:

I need CC

Coco Icecream says:

Damn even I look better than that!

EarthToFantasy says:

about 90% of those pictures DO NOT NEED Photoshop! I think they just want
to make unrealistic to make them appear non human. Sure flaws like pimples
need cover up because no one likes them but trimming down their body shape
or their face when it looks natural and appealing… they just… ruin
it… with their “professional skills” to make you look “perfect” >:( 

Edwin Zumbado says:

I guess I should also add that they both look better in the original; at
least that’s my personal opinion…

Aerin Ford says:

It’s easy for me to say now that most (all) magazine photos are
photoshopped, and to shrug it off. However, when I was a teenager, I
didn’t know that, and nearly killed myself trying to look like the women in
the magazines. I’m not saying altered photos of already beautiful women
gave me an eating disorder, but it did make it a hell of a lot worse.

Rexellaser says:

Don’t care if your fat, just as long as your not obese

Kayserili38ification says:

Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie,, damm .. the rest can eat my poop

Nicole Martineau says:

I grew up with barbie dolls and i don’t ask my mom for money for plastic

Khalil Rahsheed says:

To quote Malcolm X, “You been had, you been hoodwinked, you been
bamboozled. The wool has been pulled over your eyes!”

Leslie P. says:

The editing on this is sorta terrible. Some of the photos, you get half a
second before it’s onto the photoshopped version and there’s not truly
enough time to get an idea of the comparison. 

Ellee Kelly says:

At 0:55 I think she looks better with out photo shop?

Shiyounin says:

Jennifer Lawrence looks much better in the ‘before’ pictures. 

andrew tong says:

some of the Photoshop done is noticeable, such bad handiwork =/ Yet i am
glad because if people can notice the Photoshop then they will realize how
fake the photos are and thus less likely to follow the celebs =)

Willow Star says:

It’s great that this has been exposed for years now & that those women
appearing on the front are objecting. One day we may actually have
authentic men and women on the covers.
There’s an app my teenage daughter & I played with that did this to a photo
you took of your face. It was really fun until we flipped back and forth
between our real pics and the touched up one. Suddenly you felt like you
looked 50% less attractive than you did before. I jokingly said, “OK, this
is an evil app” ; ) we laughed and decided decided that while it was fun to
play with, it didn’t look ‘real’ in comparison and that it was much better
to be and to love, our authentic selves.

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