Two Different Approaches to Running Successful Photography Studios with FStoppers Lee Morris

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Johnny says:

Pye has an amazing voice :-) I think I am in love LOL

DreamLoveGrow says:

So inspiring ♥

R. Dennis Crawford says:

Dudes! This is real talk. I give you both a High-Five. This was a Help.
Peace & Favor to both of you.

ErezShory says:

too bad you can only “like” once :) great show

Angel Osorio says:

You guys are so inspirational! I am so thrilled to get anything started. Iv
barely realized what I wanted to do for a living not too long ago. And I am
running off less than basic equipment and I am in love with this. I’m only
21 And I’m ready to start this now. But what I lack is experience. I would
be more than honored if you would even consider me to assist you in
anything. I would pay you to let me help you. But more than anything you
guys are so inspiring.

Tom Bogan says:

Great info and looking forward to your release.

Bree-Ann Madison says:

Good day! Have you tested photo sfxart tricks (do a search on google)? My
work buddy Jack made some mind blowing photography with their video

CrisCreation Fischer says:

Lee Morris, if you ever decide to have an assistant, please take me. I wish
I could work with you together. You shot JPEG, you didnt want to be a
wedding photographer, you didnt know how to use Photoshop, you’re a free
spirit, you dont have a family, you dont have a studio. everything like me,
just one difference…. I’m not yet making that much money

Nicholas Gonzalez says:

This was a much needed medicine of a show for me. To hear two awesome
photographers talk about their rough patches that Im going through now, is
incredibly moving and encouraging to me.

Lee Morris says:

Hey Tim, Lee Morris here. We will be releasing a lot of this “DVD” for free
online over the next year but it will cost will still be $300 for the full
thing. I know it’s a lot BUT it is really nothing in the long run IF you
actually want to become a wedding photographer. Most college kids spend
that much on a single text book and then they don’t even read it. Keep in
mind it will also have a 100% money back guarantee so if you don’t think it
was worth it, we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

Tim Yang says:

Hey Lee, you should do this video and distributed with the mentality of
Chase Jarvis! Give it out for free!. Or for a cheap price. Because for
starting a business people like me we don’t have tons of money. I can’t
even afford the Peter Hurley DVD. I had to watch all the previews over and
over and over to pick out in detail what Peter does. and from those
previews I kinda get the idea of what he does, not all of it but some
information. So consider distributing it for free for poor photographers

Mark Feliciano says:

One of the best conversations ever! Thanks so much. Very real.

SKVP Photo says:

Man that was an awesome video. Gave me inspiration to continue and grow my
business. Thanks!

Martin Wilczek says:

great interview guys! thank you .-)

Bro zouz says:

Thanks guys, you are telling what IS the real business of successful
photographers :-) thanks

Liu River says:

Lee reminds me of Stifler, and Pye, man, what a voice you got there.

HayesPeterson says:

Awesome! Thanks guys.

FiPhotographic says:

Great interview! It’s good to see how we all start our photography path
from the beginning.

Dhanesh Mahtani says:

One of the best photography business videos I’ve ever seen. Great job guys.
Lots of meaty info here.

Mubble says:

That was awesome!

MrRexel1998 says:

10/10!!! ;)

Momoci says:

Please tell your “whole long story”!

Spyderdude says:

I am dying to know more about a couple things you guys discussed. The
action set that does pretty much everything and the HDR technique you use.

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