Tips on Wedding Photography Episode 1

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I have gotten allot of people asking for “tips” on shooting weddings. I have put together a 3 week series talking in detail about what a wedding day looks like for me. In this episode I talk…


Jana Williams says:

Episode 1 :
Tips of shooting weddings xo!

shadowknight moon says:

u are the prettiest photographer I’ve ever seen!

edgar alonso says:

OMG! I like your video and I like you. … you’re gorgeous!!!! 

intheworkseg6 says:

Can I hire you and I take pictures of you? you are very

Lauren Ashley says:

obsessing over your videos! you amazing!

mirza kudic says:

Thank you so much for sharing. 

Nasya Akrofi says:

Great Photography advice from my favorite photographer: Jana Williams.
Great tips on what types of lenses to use!

Katrina Diller says:

Jana absolutely love your videos! I have been debating on getting a Nikon
70-200mm lens but I rented one and it just seemed SO heavy to me I am not
sure I would put it to good use. Do you think its absolutely neccesarry to
have? I have a great 18-300mm lens that seems to take sharp pictures!
only a F3.5 though. Do you think I can get away with using that plus my
35 and 50mm lenses for weddings?

Vancity Rep says:

do you use flash you goddess of a woman?

branson norris says:

What camera do you use?

johan bauwens says:

I have the same gear (apart from the 50 mm f1.2) but I like to use the
24-70 mm f2.8 the most. Hardly ever use my 70-200 for weddings. Thanks for
the tips.

Shanna Maloney says:

SO helpful! Very glad I found your channel! :)

Tracey White says:

thanks love these….also from Alabama! 

starflykiwi says:

This is a fantastic series, thank you!!!

MonPetit Secret says:

Great video, thanks a lot 

Heather Dangelo says:

Love all of your work and tips thank you so much girl

Nielly says:

What an amazing video! Very helpful indeed! Thanks for making it!

Jeighmee K. says:

thanks so much Jana! This was very helpful, can’t wait to see the rest of
the series!

Unevano03 says:

Very informative video :-)

Steeeph92 says:

Love it!!! Thank you so much Jana for The inspiration and tips! You’re
amazing and a blessing!
Be blessed!

Harvarinder Dhillon says:

Hi Jana, how many cameras you take with you and what camera you use for

Aor Araya says:

Thanks for Sharing Jana! You’re my favourite photographer and your videos
really inspired me! Can’t thank you enough! 

mldelany says:

I shot my first wedding last summer, but the entire ceremony was directly
in the sun in the middle of the day. Are there any tricks for getting
around this, and avoiding washed out pictures?

Brandy Jones says:

+Jana Williams i know you use a canon but is a Nikon D5100 a good camera
also to do wedding photos ??

Vivien Leung says:

love love love! :D

jcuddlebugs says:

Thank you so much for posting this, jana! Super helpful, editing and your
explanations are perfect. Can’t wait for the next episode :) 

Aki says:

Great video. Inspirational, detailed, and to the point.
Ps! Great hair!

Milja - says:

such a great video! haha im so jelly of all your lenses and that you get to
do this for a living. I’m really passionate about photography too but I’m
not going to study it due to low employment rate on that industry. But hey
keep up the good work :-)

missflorenceli says:

Love the sigma 35mm f/1.4. Can’t wait for the next episode. :)

eveTennis says:

You are so beautiful:) Love your style! It would be awesome to see a day in
the life of a wedding photographer!

V says:

LOVED this! awesome tips. super excited for the next few videos! :)

catherine tran says:

hi jana so how can you tell which lens are good for what? 

Claire, The Aware Beauty says:

Great tips! I love your hair in this video :)

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