Theatre photography (no flash or tripod) for Ed Fest (Chinese theatre Edinburgh fringe)

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Close This video i show you a shoot for the chinese theatre company doing a show of a mid…


lopezae33 says:

so would you end up making three versions and then make them hdr to get the
lights the way we see?? or is that something that you wouldn’t be concerned

dombower says:

march 2010 will be my third year with a dslr.

dombower says:

thanks about the book, regarding pc or mac. in effect it doesnt really
matter as i use adobe lightroom which works fine on both and the same with
GIMP. apple i find to confusing and difficult to get around. seemingly the
processor of a mac is much better than pc but if its not broke dont fix it
i say

Mark Maas says:

So, would it help to make a RAW image and then use that to create a pseudo
HDR, thereby exposing both the background and the players? (You did a video
about that too)

dombower says:

ay point…… but in a time when you have to get the images to papers the
next day or even later that day, noone has time to do that kind of stuff. i
would leave taht for a quiet winter night.

aaguirre123 says:

hello, thank you for all your informative videos. they are very helpful. i
have a question. i noticed that you use a windows pcs. you are one of the
few photographers out there that uses windows to edit there photos. is
windows pc as good as apple? by the way i think it’s agood idea for you to
make a photography book.

miszareporter says:

Interesting event, cool video and nice photos. Thanks a lot.

dombower says:

also a lot of the shots were done with the fuji s5 pro so burst mode is
pump. just having goot timing really helps. yep i was the only one withthe
panormaics (sorry for spelling i am now drunk again

Louis Rubens says:

How’s the noise at ISO3200 on the Nikon?

John L Rice says:

Thanks Dom, very educational! :-)

dombower says:

prob wont bother with that as the action shots are of mroe interest than
the background lights

mixmaxdix says:

is apple as good as a Windows PC? Obviously not. Btw i´m a photographer and
i use Windows.

Greg Allen says:

Thanks for mentioning the camera settings . very interesting talk..

Khalid Alzamer says:

what about the speed lights .. did you use any ??!

dombower says:

yes, and i did shoot a lot in raw. but hdr on people never really works
that well and it looks very obviously processed, think the photos of them
in action is good enough for the newspaper and magazines to not have to
worry about the background colours and lights

dombower says:


Timothy Maestas says:

definitely think you should get some of those shots with that green
background showing, playing with layers.. probably none of those others
guys did that, maybe a good idea :)

bilbo baggens says:

Mr. Bower, I always find something new and very informative… How long
have you been doing photography? If you had already had a video on it,
Forgive me! Again, Great work…

dombower says:

those answers will be in my forthcoming book! ;)

inquries says:

Great video and cool photos

dombower says:

that would ruin the look. so no

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