The Truth about Photography: Telling it like it is to Photography Students

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Olivier Roubieu says:

Never been a fan of Jared, maybe because I shoot Jpeg but I must say that I
agree with his work ethics and I work the same way. Right on brother!

Prophit7 says:

Some cool info
Don’t get why anybody would care about these band members so much off
stage. But whatever makes peoples world go around. 

Carlos Bonilla says:

15:00-20:00 (I cried)

Chef Kendra Nguyen says:

When he gets to his point, it’s usually a good one.

MaxLawlessPhoto says:

Thanks but couldn’t handle the exhausting amount of waffle.

Craig Willford says:

This is great advice, it’s just real life experience. It took me 8 years to
become a full time wedding photographer and I can’t imagine how hard it is
to get established in today’s world. For anybody who wants to do this full
time; don’t give up!

Homewood Fingerboards says:

I’ll have to watch the whole thing later on, but just skimming through
parts of the video already yielded great pieces of information. Jared
definitely knows his stuff. He gets a little side-tracked in his speech but
that’s a common trait of many successful entrepreneurs/leaders so it’s
totally understandable. :) Thanks for sharing Jared!

Mark Schad says:

This guy looks exactly like someone who would do this.

Jeremiah Kellogg says:

“The Truth about Photography” – photographer +Jared Polin talks to
graduating students about being a photographer. This is a GREAT video to
learn how to “own” your photographs, and to be unique as a photographer.

PhantomAct says:

Does he suffer from A.D.D? This is the most incomprehensive pile of garbage
i’ve ever seen… besides Scary Movie 5.

gamer boy says:

holy crap, you’re like a 12 year old kid bragging about what you have and
have done

MikeTastic says:

:’) …thank you.

Tony Fernandez says:

I’m 10 minutes in to this vid and my 5 year old daughter is “That’s The
Lion”!! Anyway, this is the most insightful stuff I’ve heard from the
famous JAred Polin… Fro Knows..PhOwTo” !

Roberto Montalbano says:

I am not a hater, I respect you and you work, I am a photographer myself.
I want to say, and I repeat it’s not because I mean to be an asshole, that
IMO you would get a lot of less dislikes if you just wouldn’t use that
intro that you always do (Jared Polin I bet many people
dislike as soon as they hear that, without even watching the video first.

Patrick Panuco says:

This really inspired me and motivate me to work harder as a photographer.
Thank you Jared!

Juan Melgar says:

Pretty awesome. 

Nick K says:

I think someone who is telling people how to take pictures should
understand lighting a little bit better.. hilarious

Miguel Louro says:

This is a GREAT video. Jared definitely knows his stuff. I prefer Jared not
to be a screen movie pop star but a bro that we can rely upon the stuff he
knows so well and shares for free. He got the looks, a good voice and is
also so natural, easy going, open enought. We´re here to learn how to shoot
amazing pics :D Not to diagnose speech talents…get a tv show for it like
x factor or else, lol. Tks so much Jarod, everybody at the school there and
to all the fans here :)

David Beecroft says:

I love this.

Adrian Blake says:

I played raggae hits at 1:08 with you, and damn, it works :)

brazeers1 says:

Sleeping guy in front row

Wislers Joseph says:


Rick Lugo says:

I love his points! I actually do business like this and this was before I
saw this video it just confirms a lot of the philosophy that I go by.

Ali Haider says:

Good talk Polin

Tomislav Matic says:

Well I’m not a photographer, I’m a graphic designer with an interest in
photography…so what I always find useful in Jared’s talks is the pricing
and marketing advice. 

Jason Trbovich says:

Great advice! :-)

B kintariah says:

hey fro, what is your best post processing tool!

dgd264 says:

Really nice talk man, i find your videos very interesting and informative.
It shows that you know your craft and its great that you share your
experience with others. Keep it up.

Jaci Monaghan says:


Wenzhan Kuang says:

thank you, i have learn a lot from this.

Queen Diva says:

Jared, You are very informative! I’m not a photographer but my 16 year old
daughter is and I find your points are good for really any artist whether
they are a photographer, artist, singer, rapper and so on! You talk about
everything from brand marketing to perception to social media to just
having manners! LOL! You got me thinking I need to do something like this
for singers and songwriters! Hmmm…

Sarah Buxton says:

50:36 Papa Roach, I walked into their tour managers room and said “here’s
my work, I’d like to shoot you guys- I’d like to go on the road with you” 

KPDa RTs says:

Hey man, I am new to photography, I have always loved taking photos,
capturing the moment since I was about 7 I would take photos with little
cameras, thats not the point I want to talk about, I want to say thanks for
this videos and all your others it has taught me a lot as a photographer I
hope to one day be successful.

formattester6 says:

lots of self stroking. hard to listen too because of that.

MegaProtix says:

Nice work very informative 

Carlie Oreskovich says:

I am not sure why, but I’m watching. Still watching. Waiting for something
important to happen. Don’t think it ever does. What was the question?

omghai2u says:

look guys im bragging in college. so avant garde. i love all access pass
tas why i take pics

Naveed Azhar says:

Great speech Jared.
Learned alot!.
Thanks for uploading it!

Tzaosirus7 says:

Hmmm… by the end of the video, I now like Afro…

Károly Elekes says:

annoying first seconds, leaving now at 0:0:39

Eric Hannan says:

Good stuff!

Brenniman65 says:

I’ve never seen a crowd sitting there looking so bored. I’m surprised that
they actually ended up staying there through the entire episode.

James Madison says:

So, why did you get out of LMFAO ?

James Madison says:

watching your video made me think of what i would sound like trying to talk
to people lol. Sometimes i wonder if i have Aspergers

heyitsablackguy says:

I understand you completely. But you should take usage of a better system
of photography in my opinion. Digital makes it easier. To tell you the
truth, most snap and shoot photographers don’t even know to use digital.
Hell some have been in program mode for years without using manual modes or
even the internal light-meter. Analog is something of the past. You don’t
see guys who build computers go back to same old 15mb HDDs, which were big
in the past but now non-existent–unusable.

Rory Rumfelt says:

I think everyone here could benefit from watching Nardwuar’s Ted talk!

Keri Peck says:

How come your guy has to reset the audio evry so often hear in this video?

Lautaro Newbery says:

Woah Jared, you blew my mind! Thank you so much!

Neil De Westelinck says:

Hey Jared Polin, still enjoying your shirt. We cover weddings and some
things you say do sound familiar. At the end of the wedding we mostly hear
that we already did a fantastic work. Note: We stay from the beginning (of
the make-up) for bride and groom till the party. We think that a wedding is
day full of moments at the morning, day and at night.

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