The Truth About Photography: Harsh Honest Critiques Are The Only Way

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Terranscapes says:

Lot’s to learn here. Even though all the photos look amazing to me, it’s
great to hear which ones are the weakest. Site set up in an hour??
Fantastic. Looking forward to migrating to Square Space. Thanks for
another critique.

J Shanko says:

Incredible portfolio! Wonderful :D

Love SquareSpace. When I was setting up and I had some questions, their
customer service is fantastic, they respond SO fast. So easy to use, I’m
very happy.

Daniel Lee says:

This guys product shots are amazing! 

Dylan Ben Haskin says:

Thanks for helping me decide what I’m using for my website overhaul! 

Christopher Nicholson Photography says:

I would prefer someone to give me honest comments about my photographs,
Than someone lying about them. So I can improve on future photographs. I
think Jared you are always cool about your critiques.

Jonathan McCaffrey says:

You haven’t been the same since Joey

Iggy Ys says:

Damn I still have much to learn… =/

Jared Polin says:

If you want a Harsh Honest Critique please leave your links below.

berto1999 . says:

12:06 It is a Nikon 24-70mm Lens Coffee Mug?
It’s cool!

Nick Durocher says:

Jared, what brand glasses do you wear? I think I have the same kind.

Bryan Haywood says:

How do you know when you’re ready to enter a photography contest?

Proctie1 says:

“Speak right to the people, and by the people, I mean the people.” – Jared
Favorite quote in a while, haha love it..

Also great critique, lots and lots of great things said to take notice of.
And you don’t even have to be a photographer to take these advice and have
a proper appearance on the web. 

dreamintv says:

Who came here because they say Belveder vodka shot ?

Dorf Schmidt says:

It’s ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight from Batman the movie
and sampled by Prince for Batdance.

Geoff Neville says:

Very cool, very talented photographer. Good luck in the big wide world.

Denys Sene says:

“Ever Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moon Light?” Nicholson as Joker in
Batman (1989) =) hahahaha

MultiJohnnyBravo says:

You have all this expensive camera equipment and cant get a better webcam? 

Mikkel Grum says:

its Thin Lizzie-Dancing in the Moonlight .

Jerry Johnson says:

Regarding the wine glasses and bottle, I’d guess it was the glasses that
were the product…just a thought!

XxBillyGoatNinjaxX says:

“Dont edit while i do this”

Oh that made me laugh

Chainzter says:

Awesome portfolio. Went with Jared’s recommendation and started a
Squarespace website. Nothing but an amazing website with a lot of
templates to chose from and fairly easy to work with (being my first time
making a website). But squarespace is the way to go if you want to build
an awesome portfolio. Thanks Jared for sharing all your experience/wisdom
with us…..and for FREE!!

Norelis Ocasio says:

“That’s a dead something!” LOL best quote.

Juan Urrutia says:

Harsh Honest truth is good to have.

Shawn Taylor says:

The i in team is right in the A hole! Just ordered my first metal print.
Thanks for the code.

Diegosrd27 says:

Hey Jared,

I’ve been waiting for the Adoramapix discount, thank you for that.
which of those print do you prefer? I want to print 24″x36″, but I don’t
know which one, and I don’t want to spent 150 + tax and ship to canada and
then figure it out that “I didn’t want that”
I know on paper I prefer mate one.
Can you HELP me wth that?
Thank you

Rymzor says:

There is no I in team but there is an M and a E, ME.

Andree Barra says:

I love this!!
Thanks for being so brave Mark! It’s not easy to put yourself on the spot,
and for the world to see.
I learned a lot! Thanks Fro!
Lots of good advice! 

Chris kenworthy says:

you tell people to cut out the crap in their portfolios, but you put out a
30 min rambling video. Def. some good advice but it’d be easier to find
the good advice if the video wasn’t full of rambling

Jutta Schultz says:

That tower thing is a fire tower….Minnesota still has them and some of
them were used less then ten years ago….not sure if they are still using
them now…

xvolo says:

Best part of the feedback Jared gave,

“That’s a dead something”

rellnaw34 says:

Sergio Pulgarín says:

Ruined clue for me.

Andrew Chevrier says:

This was great Jared, I don’t mind a half hour video as long as it’s
informative and insightful. You only sang once the entire video…how

havocideyt says:

no harm but the video wouldnt have been 28 minutes if you hadnt spent 10 of
it plugging your sponsors. Like i get you need them, and they require you
to plug them, i just believe you could preword it before recording so its
kept short and precise not just saving time, but making the plugging less

dre83mex says:

I get that your critique is based on an expert opinion, so with that said,
allow me to inexpertly critique your critique… lol… Ok, on yout product
critique of the first watch, i think it works, because it seems like a
luxury watch in a luxury car.. at least as a consumer, thats what i
perceived. on the Makers Mark bottle, i think the candle also works, only
if you know the history of the product and that they seal their product
with red wax (supposedly), hense the Makers Mark… im not bashing, just
saying that in order to critique a prodct or photography of a product, one
should also know a bit of the product background. great job on all the work
you do Jared, im an “aspiring” photographer who learns allot from your
videos. thanks!

Nick Durocher says:

Finally, 1440p HD!!!!!!

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