The Art of Levitation

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Use Photoshop to combine three separate images to make people and objects appear to float, using Layers and Layer Masks. #photography #photoshop #hdrphotogra…


Mourad Goublié says:

what’s the software you’re using for this ?

nkaneti says:

So im a student, and have started using photoshop very frequently at my
school, when I leave this year I will no longer have any access to it! For
someone who just wants to do weird and creative things with PHOTOS is it
worth investing in just photoshop, as opposed to buying the whole creative
suite or do they all work hand in hand? thanks ;-)

Mourad Goublié says:

what’s the software you’re using at the beginning ?

Tania Gail says:

Used this tutorial to create my first levitation photo. Very useful video
for beginners. Thanks!

Mufed Alkrenawy says:

this awesome , very clear thanx man

Lucien R says:

Very good tutorial. Useful for me. Thanks !

moofymoo says:

it’s fake and photoshoped!

Tompinbowling says:

@moofymoo – that’s the whole point

Superflyguy009 says:

Great tutorial! 

Ravi Kumar says:


Cosmic says:

Awesome tutorial, very professional, very thorough and easy to follow.
Thanks a lot!

Jayden Becker says:

amazing thank u!

Photographic Learning Resources says:

Great video from +Practical Photoshop :O) a UK based Magazine

Cristian Lopez says:


Camila Alarcon says:

this is amazing! thanks for sharing ♡

Mandar Joshi says:

Thanks a ton , that really really helped me , I used to do it with
different type of brush and was never happy with messy results, today I
found out what exactly what I was missing !!! I m so happy , now I can go
and explore more.

Sesstor2 says:

Can have a lot of fun with this……you make it look so easy!! thanks

Ricardo Da costa says:

thanks this help me a lot!

Patti RM says:

Thanks for sharing, great video.

Tom Loates says:

Thank you so much for sharing this. Your explanation was very good, clear
and fun to do and the mind boggles at the possibilities you have with this


very good tutorial!

Hink Pro Limited says:

We have found a quick little tutorial on how to create levitation images.
Brilliant tips if you want to be more experimental with your photography.
Let us know if you try anything out, we would love to see it! The Art of

James Wilson says:

nice work,gotta try this one..

thumperger says:

very nice

darkcamillenico34 says:

Wow ! Beautiful pic !

daffodahlia says:

Very good example of the technique, but it would help if you try not to
mumble at times

Sallybunckle says:

Thank you for sharing. Very helpful being step by step from start to
finish. Cheers

ego1973 says:

Nice presentations…what type of photoshop did you use… Is this the
adobe photoshop? And what version is this?

Steve Gait says:

Nice one, many thanks

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