Strobes & Daylight: A Lighting Tutorial For Photography & Video

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Wairimu Gitahi says:

very helpful tutorial! thanks!!

Chuck Jackson says:

Wonderful tutorial, right here! Thanx for sharing!

twinkievsdingdong says:

Shame you had such a stiff ungraceful model. 

Ultimatehobbyreviews says:

Great Job and great video

Steven Rasmussen says:


Bill KIM says:

woow you have couple dozen assistants….

TimurKaramov says:

All these people should stand barefooted in the freezing water as the model
to do it fare :)

Horacio Castillo says:

What about Gels? how was white balance set, cloudy/flash/other?

Stan Dawidowicz says:

anti steadicam

Melvin DLaCruz says:

natural light look much better, only need a good reflector.

Dennis Oder says:
Henry K says:

Are your ideas so dead that you couldn’t pick a better time of the year to
shoot this theme? Morons.

bharath yelavatti says:

Amazing …photoshoot… I just loved… wish it was still a bit longer
video :)

Dmitrius Yakovlev Photographs says:

Great business model and location. But the photo – no

Miri Duarte says:

I was going to say the same thing as Hammad S you are way to fast and you
are talking to different people at different stages of photography. We are
not all Pros and don’t understand all the jargon you were explaining. 

Francisco garcia garcia says:


Dmitrius Yakovlev Photographs says:

I am always amazed at the people who with a perfect professional equipment
manage to make such bad pictures. The idea is good. Photographer very bad.
Not a professional job.

Я всегда удивляюсь тем людям, которые имея прекрасное профессиональное
оборудование умудряются делать такие плохие фотографии. Идея хорошая.
Фотограф очень плохой. Не профессиональная работа.

Hammad S says:

You go really fast, slow down

Alex Valtchev says:

How do you use the Rosco fog machine without power?

tkguess says:

I love your videos, found your channel last night, spent the whole night
watching videos, joined your facebook and started referring it to many of
my photography friends! Its AWESOME!

Ibtissem says:

Hello! Great video.. and I would like to ask you please what is the best
strobe to use outdoor ( brand – watts… ect)

MortonStudios1 says:

Would you be interested in supporting this photography project?

Roger Ger says:

Strobes & Daylight: A Lighting Tutorial For Photography & Video

David Ewing says:

Some great lighting techniques in your video.

Gabriel Ivorra says:

This tutorial is so illustrating, thanks for it!

Steve Josanto says:
Jerryd Klinson says:

Thanks, more tutorials can be found at nice stuff

Lilija Povaljaeva says:
Enrique Meza says:

3 dynalite set

MrPhotog7 says:

When I am shooting outdoors, I use strobe for fill light, and also
sometimes as the key light, depending on the look I am going for in the
final image.

David Liang says:

I was scared of strobes until I got a light meter, that’s why my
photography really took off in a direction I liked. I’ve got 5 flashes and
a couple studio strobes and I play around with grids, gels, diffuses etc.
Lately I’ve been wanting to do more ambient light photography but I can’t
help but bring at least 2 flashes with me anywhere.

Annie R says:

What a great, helpful video! You simply MUST be organised and prepared –
even if you’re a learner like me a tiny amount of equipment. Otherwise
you’re dithering around with equipment and missing the great shooting

kaskasero says:

love the lens

patineuse says:

I use them when I am taking photos of my students at school for the
yearbook or the webpage.

Kike Seba says:

I use them in my studio for portraits and product photography. I love over
exposed images..

TheLudusGamer says:

Great job, a great tutorial subscriber earned!

Josh Ellis says:

Love your tutorials!

Jeff Arkun says:

I use strobes generally as a fill light.

alexonepl says:

I’ve just started to use strobes for high speed photography

Constance Lowery says:

I thought the model was great, wearing short sleeves while every one else
has a coat on.

Gustavo Cavalcanti says:

Just want that great lens to shoot with!

Karla Johanna says:

I usually use them as a fill light but I will definitely try using this way

Michael Messing says:

I use strobes to create promotional photos for magicians. They are done on
white backgrounds with three strobes and a reflector.

JordanBlaze2011 says:

I have 3 speedlights. one canon and 2 YN. It is a great tool to improve
your photography. I love ambient light too BUT you cannot get the ambient
light where you want 100%. With speedlights and few modifiers you can
achieve any kind of lighting you want. Recently, most of my photography is
using speedlights with gridded softboxes. I love rambrandt lighting the
most with rim on the lighted side and rarely fill light for the shadows.
sometimes butterfly but rambrandt is still my favorite.

Dakota Stephens says:

Love strobes… use it to add kick to a natural slight set up and bounce
for diffused light


Great tutorial as always. The Tamron 24-70 is such a high glass
(glass/class, get it?) lens with great price that blows the competition
away. It would certainly fill that void between the other 2 lenses I have.

mamiyapress says:

“Open to U.S. applicants only” TYPICAL!

Benny Huang says:

Great video as always! I would love to win that lens

MahvelTime says:

I would use strobes in order to highlight specific areas or to achieve

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