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I’m a self taught writer and photographer settled in Belgium since 2010. In my opinion, I started photography very late. My interest in creating images has t…


Rodolfo Arechiga says:
M Roggisch says:

Fantastic work Juan.

byronofcalgary says:

GREETINGS FROM CANADA -you need to study the life and works of Yousef
Karsh…. a genius of b/w photography -i see you as his “nephew” -there is
more “colour” in your b/w shots than in your colour photography i
believe… did you know that Karsh’s iconic pic of Winston Churchill was
achieved by grabbing his cigar ??? that glare…

jaxon julia says:

very nice!

beeceebee1 says:

nice photos man, good job. What lense were those photos shot with?

DejjvidGUITAR says:

Wonderful photos Juan!

alsatian9130 says:

This is why America is so malnourished. We need more of these people. Those
who have a heart & soul. America is decadent, empty. Thanks so much Juan
for sending this to my message box. I will keep on following whatever else
you may display. Salute and High Five from Upstate New York. –sub’d

Rohhaut says:

Some of the photos are really good as far as I can say. The world looks
different through a viewfinder – which is one of the things that makes
photography so much fun.

Paul Watson says:

If i may , I want to post this Video to my Art group on Facebook

kurt copeland says:

Nice selection. Enjoyed the pics. Keep the momentum.

Tony White says:

Jaun you have some really good strong street/people images here,well
done.The only thing I’d like to say to you is that I could not look at your
images properly as I felt that they were portrayed too quickly through the
YouTube video.Is there any where else you could direct me to see these
images on full resolution like Flickr or 500PX maybe?As I said I felt they
were gone by too quickly,if you made another video with thirty of your best
images and slowed it down a bit to really appreciate what you have taken
here would be great.Well done,great images and I love them,Tony!!!!

BirgerSchwarten says:

Yeaaaah….some very nice shots !
I like your Black+White style……a little bit overexposed
My style is ” a little bit underexposed…..;o)
It´s an antipode but every style ist cool…..
Greets from germany. Keep on shooting….:o)

Franco Herrera says:

I really like it,beautiful images and I love the song you chose for this
video,”Tears and Rain”

Juan Saravia says:

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