Street Photography with Jesse Acosta: Finding Juan

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S01EP13: On the season finale of Street Photography with Jesse Acosta I travel to Mexico to find Juan, a subject I photographed earlier in the year. I travel to a nearby city I hadn’t visited…


Jesse Acosta says:
Scott Alan says:

what camera did you use?

camerasam1 says:

Great video as usual.. I am a big fan Jesse. Happy 2014

Paulo Sousa Pinto says:

Great video as usual. Happy 2014. All the best for you. You deserve it! 

ProfessorPraise says:

That was very kind :) and AWESOME photos!

Robert Edwards says:

They say there is no Santa Claus, well they are wrong, it’s you! What a
compassionate and gracious man you are, giving up your Christmas Eve and
Day to do those special things for people. 

Vincent G says:

Your a credit to street photography , a real kind man…

centeio alves says:

Very nice what you do, as a photographer and as a person…happy new year

Yaiyasmin says:

Que bonito gesto lo de buscar a Juan para regalarle zapatos, y tambien la
generosidad de ofrecer regalos a los jóvenes :)

Johnny Angeles says:

Thanks for uploading

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