Street photography with Earl Parker

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I always liked calibrating with Earl Parker since the Big Brother magazine days. So I thought I would be a good idea to go out and film Earl doing what he does best, taking pictures in the…


danzilor says:


1rickkosick says:

@I0A0Ie Or, what do you think?

1rickkosick says:

@dangerdumb I really don’t want to put any videos up on You Tube of me
saying hi it’s me Rick Kosick. It’s kind of lame, but you can follow me on
my twitter page at @rickkosick. Thanks!

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@dangerdumb It’s really me myself and i who runs this page and if you don’t
believe me, just go and visit my website.

Shankalten says:

sweet video and nice quality.

1rickkosick says:

@dangerdumb Well just don’t talk about. Get out there and start shooting
something and make it happen!

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