Street Photography: Shooting & Developing Film

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SP02EP03: On this episode I talk about using film then I receive “bad” news about my photo lab. Filmed in San Antonio, TX Produced and Directed by Jesse Acos…


1980Cog says:

Cool video, hope your feeling better. I worked for a year in a darkroom
developing and printing b&w images many years ago now. To be honest I much
prefer digital because of its ease but you dont get the same sense of
achievement with digital as you do when developing yourself. The
satisfaction you get seeing the image emerge is very cool and makes you
feel like youve actually made it. With digital you rarely get the same
feeling of creating something from nothing.

Paul Dove says:

Awesome vid, thank you +Jesse Acosta for showing how its done, my local lab
sends B&W out to a guy and I have to wait 3 days to get it back and then
they charge me $19 for developing and $8 for prints, it must be cheaper in
the long run to do it my self, thanks for the tips.


Jesse Acosta says:

On this episode I talk about using film then I receive “bad” news about my
photo lab. 

Poor Boi Racing says:

Great video and photos came out awesome. Can I recommend that you use black
borders when you display the photos. The white border is to bright and does
not let the eye appreciate the B&W photos as much. 

Martin Bravo says:

You rock bro. Glad to see you taking that leap in self developing. 

Aldo Herrera says:

great video! can def relate to that first time i develop my own film! great
work jesse!

centeio alves says:

Love this new video and welcome back :) … Film rocks

Sam Hardy says:

Hurry back soon I missed your videos.

Sam Hardy

Filmviteren says:

I used to run a small hose from the faucet to the tank. Then I could relax
for a 5-20 minutes while the water did all the work. Then I added the
wetting agent, and then threw the whole roll into my home made drying tube
(made of a hairdryer and a PVC-pipe). Those were the days.

Mihali Wheeler says:
Twostones00 says:

A tip, cut off the film leader then start the film on the cassette before
placing it in the bag. Then roll the film onto the cassette with the
canister intact. When you hit the end of the roll, use the scissors to cut
off the canister. Much easier and you do not need to open the canister.

Twostones00 says:

One last tip. Insterad of inversions I just use the agitator rod. I get
the same results and don’t need to mess with the lid. Give it a try on
your next roll. It makes it easier.

Twostones00 says:

Good job Jesse.

Twostones00 says:

Another tip. I use distilled water with the wetting agent instead of tap
water. I never wipe the film and just hang to dry. I never have a spot or
a scratch.

andreas wheeler says:

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