Street photography, Shanghai, ying tang

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five minutes news program in Chinese.


laroca uk says:


dcassa says:


TVcrewsSF says:

Great documentary on a fantastic street photographer who has been capturing
images from around the world with creative and unique angles.

delasmujeres says:

hi sakura, congratulations!

dcassa says:


airsks says:

从flickr过来的~(a q u a _ f l a v o r) 首先祝贺一下! 其次是表示我的尊敬,很欣赏你的作品。 新年快乐!

maxpin63 says:

Try whithout Digital. Try Black+White Film and Develop it by yourself…..

jjaappaa72 says:

Great to see you at work after getting to know your work on flickr. Good
luck and best wishes in 2009.

Mike Anna Griffin says:

Nice presentation my Flickr friend.

yamamoto80 says:

Congratulations!!! *^^* -Jonathan the Korean Dude

fuetere says:

Congratulations Ying! Beautifully done. Now I understand better your
vision. PS.. Not all photojournalism is heartless… check the works of
Salgado or Zoriah!

kuuan says:

congrats, this video features your photos very well!

chinaphotographer says:

That was a very sweet documentary. People often ask how street photography
is different than photojournalism, and the answer is HEART. Street
photographers have an emotional connection with their subjects, whereas
photojournalism is often cold and impersonal. Ying Tang is one of our most
gifted contemporary street photographers; her work is touching and
profound, and she shows a true interest in her subjects. I am always moved
by Yings photos.

junkuphotography says:

love her photography

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