Street Photography Interview with Brian Soko in Chicago

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Jeff Bird says:

Why shoot film? More megapixels! :)

Eric Kim Photography says:

Just published this video interview with Brian Soko about a year ago in
Chicago– enjoy!

Tapas Basu says:

Enjoyed the Interview & his work. I also liked his philosophy in taking
images, myself being work extensively with all form of Film Photography now
after working with Digital for last 10-15 years going back to film for more
Creativities but also take advantage of today’s Digital World. Thanks Eric
I am following you closely on You Tube.

Kurt K Gledhill says:

Great interview, his work is amazing. Who is that “Sutoki”? photographer he
keeps talking about? Where can I see his work? Thanks Eric! 

Poor Boi Racing says:

Great vid. He has great work.

Luis Nebel says:

music is so annoying but cool interview

Frank Hale says:

Really love Eric Kim’s interview style!

OnCam31 says:

great interview! some very interesting material in this & a great
photographer. I love these videos as they expose us to some amazing talent.

Twostones00 says:

Another great Interview with a man hooked on the lattitude and creativity
of film. Well done Eric and Brian.

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