Street Photography – Educating Tina

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Get involved at Tina is shooting with the Tamron 16-300mm lens. Tamron Australia are giving one a week here: Interact with Tina! YouTube:…


Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials By says:

+Matt Granger and +Tina Yong thank you guys for posting this up and i hope
you are feeling better matt … can’t wait to have you back!


John Campbell says:

“…that’s unnecessary.”

Loved it. Thanks Matt.

Paul Dove says:

+Matt Granger & +Tina Yong I have found that the “Sunny 16″ rule works
well with street photography , it keeps the shadows dark and freezes the
action, and also less worrying about settings and more concentration on
composition, Cheers, great video guys.

Steven Lu says:

Street Photography is really just more about the moment, than overthinking
since nothing can be planned, go enjoy and immerse yourself with the flow
of the environment! 

t3nchi says:


Warren Smith says:

Very interesting video. Thanks.

Christopher Sears says:

“That haircut is all party.”

The funniest comment in a photography video for years.

KitKatinBama says:

I’m more confused now

no name says:

Awesome video. I loved light on introduction. 


Cool; Tina should try shooting black and white 35mm film with a prime. It
concentrates the mind, you can’t spray an pray (unless your rich and can
afford the film and processing) but you still have to be spontaneous. Using
a prime makes you really concentrate on the framing and composition and
film doesn’t have the latitude. Matt lend Tina you Nikon FE with a 50mm;
manual focus as well SCAREY :-)

jenky1044 says:

I have a question about street photography. Do you and use model release ?
Or can or do you not sell those photos.?

Derek Watson says:

Thanks for another interesting video ! all the best with your recovery Sir.

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