Spicy Holiday Photo Tips Part III – Using your DSLR for flash photography pictures of your partner

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http://www.GoodLightMag.com/14 – How to use your DSLR and a speedlight to make wonderful spicy holiday photos of your partner. Michael has six tips for you to follow to maximize the potential…


Good Light! Clips says:

My Top 6 Tips for DSLR Holiday Photos

SGDVD says:

absolute impressive !

Blaine Mitchell says:

You make it look so easy! Thanks.

Samtagri says:

Hi Michael. First I want to say I like all your videos and how you manage
to get amazing results with simple gear.
I also want to say that I have the Phottix Odin and two Phottix easy up
soft boxes and they are indeed excellent.
Having said that, I was wondering whether you are sponsored by Phottix.
Nothing wrong with that, just wondering since you seem to have a lot of
Phottix gear. 

Toby Hines says:

Great Video.That soft box set up looks really useful. 

Scott Micale says:

Shabang again!!!

Hi Low says:

This was great. Thank you. I have a question on the Tungsten adding the
CTO. In a hotel room if the hotel lights are on you use this technique? But
i fusing your own lighting regular flash no CTO?

knkmaniac says:

I got that softbox a coupple months ago and it really pays off, awesome

BLK Midia says:

Hey Michael Nice tips and gorgeous model :)

Preston House says:

Great tips Michael! 

Andrew Frost says:

An excellent and truly informative series Michael thank you for sharing. 

Simon Anderson says:

Another great informative video thanks for sharing.
I love that umbrella softbox, which looks so easy to set up, may have to
get one of those bad boys.

AndreCorner says:

I was looking forward to see this last video in the serie.
My Phottix P-200 with the Varos 2 just came in and so did my first
speedlite(which is ttl/hss enabled, as are the triggers) with an umbrella.
Can’t wait to test all the tips you gave in these three videos :)

Just curious about a thing, do you know what changes from the Phottix P-200
and the P-200 MK2 you mentioned here? I ordered one and it wasn’t specified
if it was the first one or the MK2, I don’t care much because it’s just a
light stand but for that specific reason I’m curious about what they may
have changed.

Ufuk Akengin says:

Türkiye’ye gel müridin olalım.

John McKee says:

Yes, very helpful

Steve Janney says:

great presentation

Vasile Hurghis says:

Great work

RikabyTV says:

Hi and thanks for the excellent tutorials. Do you mind telling me what
camera you’re using to shoot your videos. The quality is excellent.

zodiacfml says:



Thanks for sharing. You are the best.

manjaro says:

great videos, thank you!

unfaix says:

Wow, great tips. Keep em coming

Neopulse00 says:

I absolutely loved the video. Gives great ideas for travelling couples

Aprende fotografía desde 0 AngelRLL says:

Un vídeo con muchos consejos, os lo recomiendo.

marcin97 says:

Short clip yet packed with plethora of useful content.

metalsnake00 says:

just awesome

Jeffrey Klaum says:

Great as always. 

Nelson Cintron says:

excellent…thank you for sharing….great lighting and composition

jason thompson says:

love your videos keep them coming

oly loly says:

Wunderbar Michael !!!

abd elmajid Derkaoui says:

tnank you 

NetHolik says:

I really appreciate your tips. Thanks 

Tony tFuntek says:

Learned a lot…thank you for putting these videos together.

David Clunie says:

aren’t you limited with high speed sync on most camera to 200 or 250 speed
or with nikon you can go 320 speed, if you exceed this won’t you get the
dreaded black bar (the shutter showing up?) or am I missing something?

yamitanomura says:

you are awesome ! Thanks for the tips.
Really enjoyed your Lanzarote videos.

Steve Maragos says:

This series has been fantastic, thank you for demonstrating such techniques
and tips!

Sergio Otarola says:

as always, excellent tips!

Manuel Villavieja Beck says:

Klasse Video. Hilfreich, Präzise und auf den Punkt. Wäre toll wenn jemand
mal HDR Panoramas so deutlich erklären würde (wink wink). Liebe Grüße aus

matthewblessssss says:

Is it only me, or you also hear flesh instead of flash? I think it has to
do with the essential model.!! ;) Another Great informative video.!!

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