Sony Xperia Z Low Light Camera Test

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On our Google + page, Matthew McQuilty asked to see some low light photography (sans flash) taken with the Sony Xperia Z. Here are the results.


Indra Gunawan says:

Please compare with Lumia 920….

rubixrevert says:

that is a horrible tshirt

awaisdude1 says:


xMichaelDuncanx says:

Yes that’s true, but I am surprised that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is better
than the Nokia Lumia 920. yeah when recording the Lumia 920 is alot more
smoother. at nights Nokia Lumia 920 will mostly be better than S4 but Not
all the time sometimes S4 is better at night, cause Lumia 920 lets in too
much noise. I like the fact that the Lumia 920 has dual flash. it is weird
that the Xperia Z and S4 use same camera sensor but S4 camera flash is alot
stronger and brighter.

CurlzMurray says:

Do one with the Nokia Lumia 920 it would win by far

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