SnapShot Episode 1 Low Key

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The show that’s all about taking better photos and taking better video. Shooting in Low Key, join host Denis Rule, aka The Lighting Guy, for lighting tutorials, a gear review and a tip on shooting…


Denis Rule says:

Check out episode 1

thebottomlinestudios says:

Awesome video Denis! Very informative and engaging. ~Jim

Charles Girard says:

Thanks the videos are great and I like your pace.

.. just realized your local to me.. what a small world. -Charles

Mendocino Wolves says:

Could be the best instructional video I have ever seen! Thank you so much!

Wildavismedia says:

Awsome tutorial… better check my bank account, because I can’t believe it
was free. Nice work!

Jim Bond says:

Really enjoyed the show. Great work people.

Fran Angio says:

Very informative. Looking forward to future videos!

Eduardo Marinas says:

Awesome video! Thanks for sharing. Ed

Maurice Covington says:

Good first episode

Bart Tecter says:

Great show Dennis! Very well done. Looking forward to future episodes!

Aakash Malhotra says:

This episode was really amazing…

I am a Smartphone user So can you please tell something more, any links if
you have
btw Awesome video
Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. :) 

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