Shooting with the GF1 in low-light – Robin Nichols

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Robin Nichols continues his photography tips and tricks and this time shows us how to use the Panasonic GF1 camera indoor and in low-light situations.


diselgl says:

Great video!

Marciaus007 says:

And if the object is moving in a low light? Any chance of taking a good
picture? Thanks

Jayradikal says:

Hey Robin, where do you teach? I too live in Sydney with a GF1 and want to
learn how to properly use it (photography beginner) I liked the video, keen
for more or some sort of lesson. cheers

JennyBMoon says:

Thanks for the tutorial. Shooting in low light is a challenge for me at
this time with this camera. I heard that there is a dof preview button. Do
any of your videos show how to use this function? Thanks!!!! Also, as a
professional, how long does it usually take you to adjust the settings in
low light? Thanks again!

TheTukTuk2008 says:

Whats the point of promoting a 1.7 lens, praising it for available light
photography, just to shoot the slow 5.6 lens with a flash?! Its
ridiculuous! I love my 20mm and its works absolutely perfect indoors!

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