Shoot Like An Editor

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After shooting and editing for a while, I’ve come to really respect both skills. I think more shooters should learn each and learn how to think like an edito…


k&b says:

Thank you for the info. One thing though, my OCD makes me constantly not
able to take my eyes off of your shirt collar haha. The whole video I was
imagining myself fixing it for you. 

mark shirley says:

Thanks I’m shooting my first event next week and am a rooky in film.

BravoCharlieTV says:

Great information, thank you for making this.

Daniil Mironenko says:


Mohamed Hesham says:

Great Tips (y)

UalakaaFilms says:

Mahalo. Great tips to remember and practice.

JakeFilms22 says:

Great tips man! Subscribed!

Kj Misael David says:

great stuff! im glad i found your channel. thanks!

David Tillyer says:

I’m so new to this (coming from photo background) and this video is great.
Gives me plenty to think about. Thanks

Andrew Rozario says:

Thanks For This Valuable Video …… <3 

Tonni Bonni says:

Fantastic tips…. Teach me master :D

Tanner Hoke says:

I was wondering what I was doing wrong. I always shoot b-roll, good main
shots, but always forget about transitions. Thanks for nailing it in my
head! haha

Michelle Sahlin says:

These tips were extremely helpful. Thank you so much!

channo786 says:

music OST for this plz?

John Tedesco says:

Awesome tips for videographers.

ShootItMagazine says:

Great Tips Brother!

D'Angelo Photo says:

Excellent (mostly common sense) advice. My favorite of the bunch: #1 –
Transitional Shots. Go check out this 6-minute video for the other 6 tips. 

Bryce Koetitz says:

Bro, you awesome!

Jesse Lane says:

Amazing and Very Helpful!! 

J2theNard says:

I’m primarily an editor and when I go out and shoot I realize I capture
with an editor’s mindset, which at times is an advantage because I’m used
to how the content will come out.

Lee Cant says:

Brilliant advice :)

harryllama says:

Thanks, a very helpful video. I found your discussion of transition shots
and b-roll the most useful!
Do you have any reviews of editing software? I’m about at the end of FCP7,
and wondering whether to go the Adobe route or try Sony Vegas and DaVinci
Resolve. Thoughts?

Barry Kuan says:

Awesome tips for videographers.

schubertus25 says:

Thank you so much for the link at the end of the video!!! I was looking for
this background tune for a while now. The guys of the drive network used it
aswell. Great channel!

Michael Young says:

Great tips man.

mexxian007 says:

Thanks. Really helpful.

Dion Amar says:

Wow this helps a lot very useful tips man! Thanks

FilmMakerMedia says:

Genius video! Now thats learning Mr. Pike! Thanks for sharing!

Raw Media says:

Thanks :)

Josh Bourgeois says:

Great suggestions! I never get enough b-roll

Clint Boland says:

I can’t believe this only has 1200 views. What a great episode. Great
content sir!

Hemant Razak says:

Good one

abdieg says:

Very useful. Thank you very much!!!

CoolKwaz says:

What editing software do you use?

Del-Ray Fruean says:

very helpful : ) thankyou!

marcohordijk says:

I’ve seen a loooot of video’s on filming and editing, but you actually
mentioned some tips I’ve never heard or considered before (but are very
valuable). So nice going!

StefanoRossso says:

song¿? btw nice video and helpful tips :)

Zach Delano says:

It says what it is at the end of the video.

Arseny Knaifel says:

Really good advice, even for people who arent total beginners anymore!

Clint Boland says:

Great video Caleb. Thanks for sharing!

Ed Krugger says:

Dude, your channel could use a boost in the views because this is some top
quality content, straight to the point. Really liking the tips.

Zach Delano says:

You nailed it, Caleb! Great advice. Keep it up, man. :)

raredreamfootage says:

A transition could also utilize similar elements from one scene into
another. For instance we can end a scene by cutting away to an overhead
ceiling fan twirling away. We then can open the next scene by showing
something with a similar twirling motion.

DSLR Video Shooter says:

Final Cut Pro X

TheFilmingMachine says:

Great episode! :D Really helpful! Do you think you can do an episode on
“how to hired”? Some tips would be great! Thanks!

phillipkelly7 says:

great video, thanks

sjs says:

Great tips Caleb. As far as the “B” roll, if you are shooting a video, try
to find someone else’s video which you enjoyed [of approximately the same
length], and count how many different shots and angles were used and
multiply that by at least 2.5 for edits that didn’t make the cut.

Andy Rosebrook says:

8th tip: Watch dslrvideoshooter videos as often as possible Great vid
Caleb, really helpful stuff thx

Kyle Farris says:

Some great tips man. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.

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