RING LIGHT effect in Adobe Photoshop

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In this tutorial, learn how to create a RING LIGHT effect in Adobe Photoshop, using a custom shape, layer styles, and blending tweaks. Support my content: http://www.patreon.com/howardpinsky…


Photoshop Tutorials by Howard Pinsky says:

NEW VIDEO! Give your eyes a *RING LIGHT* effect in +Adobe Photoshop!

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Thanks for watching!

Dialup says:

Awesome tutorial Howard!

Dinco422 says:

Hey Howard! I don’t know if you know Charles Brown, but i would be
interested to see a tutorial on more complex actions like he does. Cheers!

Nimex Draconia says:

I don’t at all understand why people are going for this effect, but nice

Rafael Roldan says:

Great job

David Dube says:

Nice but…why? So, like everything else in PS, this technique can be used
for other editing.

honcan69 says:

Awesome tutorial once again. I would like in the future if you could do a
tutorial on how to do the red markings on skin..Like Kratos fron God of War
has… I have played with many option but none have given me the result I

jaqb17 says:

Can you make tutorial for “long shadow” icon design from any shape? 

Siberian Hamster says:

Sorry but I would have thought the ‘ring-light effect’ was undesirable,
infact you would use a ring-light for shooting things that DONT reflect,
i.e. not eyes!
Some reflection off the eyes is desirable of course but not from a
ring-light – logic tells me this is a pay-content thing from the
manufacturer, just doesnt make sense otherwise.

funnybasterd says:

Color tones. specifically – skin color tones. How to manipulate them? how
to blend some parts of the body together. like taking something off of
another person, not like a whole arm(maybe) but small things, like face
elements or covering bruises if it doesn’t look like resamplings gonna help.
I really don’t know what I’m trying to say here, but I hope you get the
point. Its just that I’ve personally never got into that area specifically.
be a hero – cover bruises

Joshua Aldana says:


FatBastard Pipes says:

Nice. I too can now look like a model. ; D

Henry Torres says:

pretty bad when you have to wait one third of the time of the actual video
about a gimmick………….. all I had to do while I was waiting for the
ad to be done was read the comments to find out I wouldn’t be interested.


Great, Can you make a tutorial about the logo

Heena Chudasama says:

Awesome tutorial! Thanks :) 

Giancarlo Vaccaro says:


itsalmostanorange says:

I get so disappointed when Youtubers disable the like/dislike bar when they
get a lot of dislikes. Come on, you’re gonna put out a video that some
people don’t like once in a while, get over it.

Weekly Will says:

Why are people complaining about this? It hasn’t cost you anything so be
appreciative of the work that’s been put in.

eidgenossenarkebuse says:

Thanks Howard

BlackCat2 says:

I didn’t even notice anything odd about your eyes until you said something. :P

- Heidi

Faraidun Aziz says:

How to make stitch line and circles? 

dbphotoguy says:

Great job as usual Howard.

Would you be able to do a tutorial on frequency separation retouching?

Manny Calavera says:

Tutorial: Great.
Effect: Stupid.
Just get a real one. How to make a video ring-light

MissSkyNet says:

A few times I’ve seen photos where person was half in the shadow, but by
Photoshop the picture was brightened and evened out seamlessly. Don’t think
this could be done by Dodge and Burn tool but can’t think of a way this
could be done so perfect.

BainSonic says:

great video, but why should i do that?

Eldin Hodzic says:

but how do you achive this in videos ?

walkingonwater says:

I think The Look is not real Looking enough. :/ maybe some more effects
would help 

soyluzuriaga says:

muy bueno amigo, segui asi, que esta super tus tutoriales!!!!!!!!!!!

Starius2 says:

Why would anyone WANT that in their photo. .. How to remove it I can see
doing, but to add it in?

Ali Achouri says:

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