RGG EDU Interview with Sandro Miller | Photography Advice From A Master

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Gary Martin and Rob Grimm from RGG EDU sits down to talk with Sandro in his studio about his life and career as one of the most successful photographers of the last 30 years. For more information…


RGG EDU says:

An interview with Sandro Miller

Ivo Chupetlovski says:

Absolutely stunning interview. Thank you RGG EDU! 

FXHOME says:

Sandro Miller, the mastermind portrait photographer behind the popular John
Malkovich series, gives some of his tips and inspiration in this hour-long
interview. Definitely one to watch if you’re interested in #portrait

Neil Snape says:

Wonderful interview, great exchanges by all on our shared passion for the
image. Thank you.

Carl Warren says:
Silvio Rusmigo says:

Great video, i hope this will reach many and inspire them. 

violet v says:

Thank you so much

Deepak Shukla says:

Hey buddy I noticed you were commenting upon a similar video. We do those
at the CV Guy – if you get a chance do stop by :)


Great videos guys

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