RetouchPRO LIVE – Photoshop Compositing

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The April 11, 2015 recording of RetouchPRO LIVE, the only live talk show dedicated to retouching and image post-processing. Dennis Dunbar walks us through creating one of 30 composite images…


RetouchPRO says:

RetouchPRO LIVE Compositing with Dennis Dunbar

Andrew Kavanagh says:

#Retouch PRO LIVE – #Photoshop Compositing w/ Dennis Dunbar

Jeff Whitlock says:

Fantastic video — Dennis Dunbar is now my favorite presenter on RetouchPRO
LIVE! Great technique and explanations. Hope to see more Dennis shows!

Oxizee says:

Phlearn/CreativeLive > RetouchPro.
You both guys need to buy an better Microphone if you wanna do these live
talk shows.

graphicartdude says:

Some of the photo touchup examples aren’t all that convincing.

cyberwasp461 says:

this is not a tutorial as nothing is shown other that after the fact.

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