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Photoshop isn’t only for image editing. Work with video inside of Photoshop CS5 Extended to create a faux timelapse or a cinematic. Make sure to check out my…


Nikko Acoba says:

can you give me the link of the cloud? :)

Βαγγέλης Ογανεσωφ says:

doesen’t worK :(

Holman Mesa says:

Awesome!! Thanks for this tutorial!! What’s the difference between this
process and the process for cinemagraphs??? Greetings from Colombia

Psycatalyst says:

Thank you for this. More please. (if possible) I want to use photoshop more
for video editing

tangkag879 says:

when is CS6?!

John Norris says:

Nice, going to try that method today.

jeremiah69100 says:

Man your good i subscribed you

Photoshop Tutorials by Howard Pinsky says:

@druidofluhn I’m running Photoshop in 64-bit mode. Why do you need to
launch in 32-bit mode?

Incubus says:

nice !

TalesOfWar says:

@hk95501 If you have CS4 Extended you should be able to do it no problems.
I’m not sure about CS3, I don’t think they made an extended version of that
(not used it for years so I can’t remember lol). See if there’s an
“Animation” palette from the Window menu in CS3, if there is you should be
good to go.

TheGangsterPetre says:

what the hell. video?

GGGiL00 says:

nice tutorial man, this was a kept secret by many of us that work on
postrproduction, we never told nobody that u could do this lol

BuckleDesign says:

@jurjenyoutub This is a Photoshop tutorial, just showing some different
features inside of photoshop. the Lightroom video is part of the Photoshop
family, so again technically a photoshop style video, stop your complaining

ziggamaster says:

i saw what you did there xD at the end you composed the final render over
your photoshop document to show as if it was running in real time tho the
progressbar of the video in photoshop itself plays slower and goes out of
sync anyways nice tutorial :) this is the reason i subscribed :D

Xargrr says:

wow, one of the best ones recently in my opinion, although i got one
question. Can you do that, if lets say you had only like 1 picture of the
video? How could i make it like it was a video with moving clouds like that?

Chuck Butkus says:

Makes me long for the days when my Ansco Flash Clipper was complicated. I’m
not certain if I can row and still bail.

Phexlar says:

how can i get more Cs5 patterns, i only have 2

rizky suber says:


Photoshop Tutorials by Howard Pinsky says:

@UslennoX CS5 Extended.

darkqasim says:

Holy crap that’s awesome!

Picotee810 says:

Wow! didn’t know that before, I’ve learnt a lot from you…Thank you.

Ramikko Trippo says:

Thats a great tutorial. I hope you will make more tuts about vid editing in
photoshop, cause i’d prefer using ps over after effects ;)

Zeus - Sama says:

that was very creative

TheVegardH says:

@albertogh1234 check out his video: Photoshop: Animated Glowing Button :)

HeerzYT says:

@SapphireSonic You didnt even watch the video

Isaiah King says:

Ur videos have been awesome lately!

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