Photoshop Tutorial: Black Ops 3 Flame Effect by Swerve™ (Free Giveaway)

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Swerve™ Slow Mo Mondays Ep.10 In this tutorial, i will be showing you how to create the flame effect from the game Black Ops 3. I will be taking you through different techniques in order…


Swerve™ Graphic designer says:

Tutorial: Black Ops 3 Flame effect (Free giveaway)

TheRyDesigns says:

+Swerve™ Graphic designer I can hear in the background “I’m a boss ass
bitch, bitch bitch” xD at 24:44

DaleDzn says:

Great tutorial:) What mic do you use? and what software do you use to add
your effects (base boosts etc.)

TheRyDesigns says:

Looks awesome! Thanks for the tut!

JaamesPlays says:

man your voice and the quality :0 what do you do in adobe audition to make
it so friction sweet

KamDesigns says:

Nice man!! :D
(BTW how do u get ur voice so crisp yo)

Josh Deakin says:

This is definitely the one and only thing that brightens up my Mondays!
Keep up the fantastic work. 

King Noizy says:

Great Tutorial Swerve, as per usual! :D

Fragwar™ says:

One of the things i love the most about your videos, are going down to the
comments section, to look at peoples logo/channel pic :) They’re all very
nice designs!

Guzzler says:

Cool :)

iGame360fficial says:

Would be cool to have this for a text effect.

Matthew Jennerway says:

I hate COD…

Nice tutorial though!

PXL Graphics says:

Very interesting tutorial, and well explained as always :) But I like the
illustrator tutorials more :/

iSacrificedDesigns says:

Such a helpful tutorial, great work Swerve GD!

Crush3dI says:

I think it looked better with the greyish background before you changed the
color curves. But each to their own.

Anyways, great video and awesome tutorial! Enjoyed it!

Chimp says:

wow wow

MakeOneDavid says:

Nice Tutorial, really liked how you named the last section 50 Shades of
Grade, really clever. I also want to say that now I’m a Junior in high
school and last year I took a graphic design class, and was not too
impressed with Adobe. I just about gave up on that class, then I found your
channel and you really got me interested. I have learned a lot more from
you versus a text book and wanted to say thanks.

darknesskid0523 says:

Loved it as usual! Keep up the great work!

SolaiMan XD! says:

NiiiiCe Design Broo .. !

CraftingDragon says:

Man you’re so professional! I wish I would be :/ Nice Tutorial! <3

Momo Haze says:

Learning something new every single time! Stunning

PowerSyrupDesigns ™ says:

A smile on my face every time i see Swerve upload a video! Definetly going
to watch this tutorial too,who knows maybe i’ll learn some new things! Keep
up the tutorials!


Kype™ says:

Thank you soooo much I’ve been baffled on how to do this!

HarveyGraphics™ says:

I loved this tutorial, and I am so excited for the game to come out :D i am
definitely going to make my own Black Ops 3 design using this tutorial.

chris madden says:

A great tutorial for how to use Illustrator and Photoshop together. Thank
you so much.

FantaGraphic says:

How old are you?

Lord Simplex says:

Finally! (/^-^)/ It looks sooo nice! Great Work!

JensOnAir says:

Awesome! :o

Chilloboy1 says:

WTF! So much skill! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial bro! :) It’s so

-Your Fanboy

AquaticDesigns™ says:

Awesome, you really did catch fire in this tutorial! Great work, Swerve!

Ritoly says:

Great tutorial although I am not as advanced I can still pick up new things
and use them in the future!

Creative Asylum says:

Just astonished by the sheer quality of your videos and clarity of your
mic! And an added bonus of an awesome tutorial. Well done as always. 

NeonRain GFX says:

Awesome swerve! :) <3

Jay DESIGN says:

sick tutorial a lot of simple tips and tricks :D

Malkon™ says:

Sexy stuff Swerve! :D

#desaster - Bald Aktiv ! says:

Best ? YES ! I love it ! Awesome ! :o

StuGetsu says:

Thanks Swerve ! Awesome tutorial as always :)

anakema says:

nice tutorial as always Swerve ! Youre in my recommended in my channel <3

MartinR Design says:

nice one swerve! :)

Канал Вилла says:

Very good :)

Ignasi M says:

+Swerve™ Graphic designer amazing!

Mister Turtle says:

Are you any good at motion graphics? Would love to see a motion graphics
tutorial from you. :)

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