Photoshop Tutorial: 3D Cartoon text!

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How to make 3D cartoon text in Photoshop! The text you need is Badaboom. TAGS: “Adobe Photoshop (Software)” “3D Modeling (Profession)” “Software (album)” ”3d text tutorial” ”Photoshop…


John Miller says:


The Holy Muffin says:

ughh. why dont i have any of those cool fonts in my photoshop

Juliano Dimitrov says:

thank you ;]

iThEcAzZ says:

;) thanks

iThEcAzZ says:

no worries :P

Eiland Bush says:

Thanks heaps dude! You’re awesome!

Sabredzn says:

nice, thanks

allgenerationgames says:

now that are some funky letters :p

Missing Sloth says:

Great video, i’m using the text for a thumbnail for my minecraft lets play,
thanks :)

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