Photoshop Tutorial: 10-Minute Pattern Creation

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A real quick tutorial on a grid-style pattern. Maybe you’ll find a use for it somewhere – enjoy!


Th3ProAssassin says:

thats awseome! 

Rebecca Fryer says:

Alt + Delete to fill with foreground colour on a Mac

grav3ns3n says:

You are amazing! Thank you for doing this

dancingrl212 says:

Ahh!! Thank you soooo much! This helped me with my art project, but I’m
hoping to use this tutorial to make patterns in the future.

Maxim9575 says:

thx for a trick (lie guide)

Ghergusi Alexandru says:

CTRL+J for duplicating layer :D

Canal RidiculosTV says:

Define that as a pattern is easier than duplicate and place.

kristina kostova says:

Very elegant and easy! Thank you.

Jonathan Carroll says:

wow good job homie. awesome video

Георги Попов says:

Great job, it helped me a lot!

sarah lewis says:

this is so awesome! thank you :)

That1Mexican209 says:

@KJustinDesigns it really depends on personal preference. look both up on
youtube so you can get a feel for the operating systems. the performance is
really down to computer quality.

avbraga says:

Dude, this is amazing. Never touched Photoshop EVER, and yesterday from the
afternoon up to 2am I watched some tutorial videos on the basics of
Photoshop and then tackled you metal textures tutorial, and was able to
successfully replicate it. So this is day 2 of my self-teaching, and will
try the replicating the pattern creating tutorial. Evan, thank you so much
for the videos! You’re a great teacher and a great artist!

Freakabyte says:

sick :D

EvanEckard says:

@DVM981 haha… “I promise it’ll look good!” :)

ZAroX says:

thanks, your tutorials are by far the best on the tubes, good job!

KhaotycFilms says:


Reda Albatat says:

can you please make a tutorial of how to use patterns in a picture, to like
fade a picture over a picture, if you understand what i mean, if not, can
you just explain it in a comment really fast? :D

DudeWithAHighKD says:

Please Please answer me this. In all your vids when you over lay textures
to certain shapes what is it you are doing? I notice you link the layer
some how and even DL’ed ur vid and slowed it down so you must be using a
short cut. What I do is select the out side of the shape with magic wand,
then go to the other layer and delete. Can u plz explain how to do it so
quickly? Thanks.

clh709 says:

@stylesd101 thats why he’d have to do a series of videos for it if he
wanted to do it lol also i recommend you read chic thompsons book ” what a
great idea” it will get you out of the habit of using “killer phrases” and
in the habit of offering solutions in a conversation.

JmeThaManLahman says:

This looks so amazing. It’s hard to believe you did it in 10 minutes
(especially cause you went slow enough to be followed along with lol)

Ringer14 says:

why dont you fill path instead of make selection?

clh709 says:

Hey EE! this may be asking a little much, but it would be awesome if you
did one of your prestige emblems in regular time in a series of videos with
a commentary similar to this video!

EnigmaStudioHD says:

Did you go to college for this?

MandMOnster says:

evan why you put up even more amazing tutorial video at mid night… must
watch now

Ewa Mikulec says:

aaa! I love it!!!!!!!

ShadyGreenPie says:

@DudeWithAHighKD Simply select the layer/texture you want to overlay and
place it above the layer you want to apply it to in the layers panel. Then
all you have to do is right click the texture and select create clipping
mask, then merge the two layers if you wish. Hope this helps

Celtic GBG says:

FINALLY, a photoshopper who doesn’t act like a know-it-all. You sir, just
got yourself a subscriber.

clh709 says:

@stylesd101 more of the former less of the later, yup ducks are awesome,
but not as cool as geese … evil bastards… anyway did you see EE’s
latest vid? it was pretty much the best video ive seen on youtube this year

KJustinDesigns says:

Evan do you prefer a PC over a Mac for design and why because I’ve been
thinking about getting a Mac for design

oxdares says:

what is the download link ?

EvanEckard says:

@TheChemicol haha! I have faith in you!

Cinema Skull says:

five seconds through this video and I’m already addicted to your videos

DrJayKation says:

@Laos3r me too bro! Adobe certification here I come!

Nigrill says:


blackhoundgames says:

3:30 that looks like an awsome m

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