Photoshop: Transform a Photo into a Brick Wall Portrait

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Blue Lightning TV says:
Omri says:

Nice video, The brick wall link that is provided in the description is
different from the brick wall that in the video.

Birute00 says:

Thank you Marty!

Aakash Kotnala says:

Nice Sir…

Gustavo Gimenez says:


Ye Myint Han says:

really nice. thanks alot

LD Matte says:

Thanks Marty, that’s awesome! Great tutorial!

Nazer Mahmud says:

Thanks, very nice

Josephat Kennedy says:

Bless Marty -

A. Groot says:

Thank you Marty!

Star Arshad Malik says:

Thankyo Marty 

karenandchongo says:

Thanks for all you tutorials!

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