Photoshop Playbook: Swapping Pet-Heads

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Photoshop Principal Product Manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes shows how to swap pet heads in this episode of Photoshop Playbook. Read about the Photoshop Playbook …


Illustrator designs says:

you NEVER erase. please use layer mask. thank you.

Joe G.P. says:

Go home Adobe Photoshop YouTube channel, you’re drunk

Revise FRA1M says:

i can do better with paint

Triantafyllos Thessaloniki says:


CodysContent says:


haiggoh says:

Umm I this is so basic I don’t think this helped anyone. You should have
gone more into detail with adjustment layers and alpha masks. Quite
disappointing honestly.

Dima Skvarskyi says:

Very funny…..

Penis Paladin says:

Anyone got a link to a proper tutorial?

Revise FRA1M says:

wtf is that for shit ?

AltSquid says:

this is so gay

Hally_NL says:

I think this video was published 4 days too early..

Colm White says:

I have to say, that was a shity tut, where ya drinking the night before

favbeats says:

April Fools?? 

André Giguère says:

i can’t stop laughing, idk whether to take this seriously or not xD

WhySoSkyHigh says:

I think he forgot to make this video private and release it on April 1 st

Aaron Yoder says:

Since when was swapping pet heads big on the internet

Youssie says:


thatnickguy says:

They can’t all be winners.

mr667 says:

Eh, and this guy is an official PS guy? Wow, that were some pretty bad

Haardwiired69 says:

Fuck off

István Füzi says:

It was awful…

Zox's Visuals says:

Oh – god …

khaleel ahmed says:

Do I laugh at the ridiculousness or cry at the bad level of work? I just
don’t know…..

Luuk Reuzel says:

this indeed is completely ridiculous

leenorocks says:

this is soooo badly done lol

Desi says:


CN Ji Young says:

why the hell is he still using a touchpad, and he’s shaking all over the
place using that touchpad.

Walter White says:

მთვრალია :დ

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