Photoshop: Part 2 – Create a Powerful, Custom, SuperHero Emblem Logo

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PLEASE TURN ON YOUR ANNOTATIONS! Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing how to create a fun, powerful, sleek, superhero-style emblem from scratch. Part 1:…


Blue Lightning TV says:
Siberian Hamster says:


Quin4n says:

Hey man this is awesome but for some reason I don’t have the option for
Ring -Triple and also in the Filter option I have no option to choose Lens
Correction. How can I get this?

Robert Holmene says:

CS4 doesn’t have “Lens Correction”
Any solution for that?

Roscoe foster says:

Followed the tutorial, it’s come out brilliant. Many thanks for this
tutorial 10/10

Javier Lukarelly says:

Gracias . Saludos

Amrod Ringerill says:

excelente Marty, muchas gracias por esta nueva entrega…saludos :)

Rohan Poddar says:


Hisoka Samanouske says:

? Hi marty I have a question .. Do you Know any thing about after effect

Avalon19511 says:

I would also like to know what you use for the fly-ins on your intro, if
you can make a tutorial on that would be great, i’m going to guess since
your a photoshop user it is probably after effects:)

Frank DeBonis says:

Another enjoyable video Marty — thank you. I’d love to see a video
demonstrating how you did the “fly over” of the still image during the
intro and outro. I presume you’re using some video editing software.

Gustavo Gimenez says:


Mark Lyons says:

This is so easy to follow wish more people would narrate tutorials this
way! Thanks so much.

Thomas Silver says:

amazing tutorial.. Thank you for all the work you do in sharing this with
us… Highly appreciate it :D

Corey Juarez says:

I truly love your tutorials. Although I am still a novice, i can now follow
along without pausing. Much of that is due to your ability to teach and
format the steps so thoroughly and understandable. I truly appreciate all
the help you give, kick the tutorials coming!!

Suzy Tsaab says:

Thank you that was great I feel like a superhero now…ha ha

arte con é says:

Good job!. Cheers

Waterlily Taratahi Ruby says:

I did it and it came out great the only thing is I dont have the Lens
correction opt : (

tassoti1 says:


Niraj Chauhan says:

very nice tutorial. I learned a lot of things. Ty :)

Goran Silaski says:


nashaat salah says:

great great great as usual MARTY need i to say more ? very hard clapping.

How2DoIt tutorials says:

you are awesome man..Incredible work..:)

invalidacess says:

very good use of the layer styles properties

RKG Austin says:

Wow wow wow! Thank you so much for what you do. I learned so much from this
tutorial! Not just how to do this project but photoshop features that I can
use on other projects. You are the best!

africa mia says:


asif uzzaman says:

thanks a lot, you’re the best.

TheRealRoof says:

i really enjoy watching these tutorials. Thanks again Marty you are a
master of Photoshop…

elvrik channel says:

Nice lesson!Tnx ;)

alha lesr says:

Wow very cool and fun. Only problem you lose me when we have to check
convert to smart object. I don’t have it on mine. So I couldn’t continue
with the steps.

alfred rivera says:

thanks for this tutorial Marty. Is amazing tutorial. Thanks for sharing:-)

zarina gabriel says:

problem here :( where i can find the “lens correction”?

Jet2K4 says:

This is amazing! I love it so much!

antonis Paliatsos says:

verry nice THNX <3

Alen Aylin Ajredini says:

awesome Marty !!!! You are the best believe me, btw you know that, lollll
thanks a lot !!!!!

Renzo Pineda Cabrera says:

Beautiful effects!!

bcwjennings74 says:

Wow, amazing techniques! You’ve got this down to a science.
Another great tutorial, thanks.

bockNL says:

Thank you, great tutorial!

Василий Лихачёв says:

The Greatest!

françois francois says:

chapeau l artiste merci

אלון ירדני says:


Kemalettin Gençoğlu says:

Thank you,man.I love your tutorials.

françois francois says:

bonjour question mon logiciel ma pas la fonction ( unsharp mark ) comment
faire merci

Salemeh Salemeh says:

Thank you a lot man really 

amine lamrak says:


Westfield Slots says:


Lord Nero says:

That was amazing … I ve just tried it and the result was sooooooooo goood
…. Thank u soooo much

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