Photoshop: Make a Marble Sculpture Bust from a Photo

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Photoshop C 2014 tutorial showing how to transform a photographic portrait of someone into a white marble, sculpture bust. Male sculpture bust PSD image: htt…


Cassian Robert says:

low clarity pictures cannot do this project I did with my phone 5 MB photo.
It’s horrible :(

Princeofaudio says:

not to sound akward but this doesnt work for a black persons face ive tried
mine and other people of color faces and it only works with people of
lighter skin tones if you will

good tutorial none the less

yolmar sidray says:

i like your videos, but in this video the tool smugde dont work like you,
just paint and paint, i want to do this effect and i cant, please help me

bshabosh says:

You are really Wonderful. Thanks to King

Tony Lee Glenn says:

Marty – you are an amazing teacher. Thanks for sharing your techniques.
Superior tutorials!

Lamar Battle says:

You do the best photoshop videos I have ever seen.

Blue Lightning TV says:
Jorge A. Pissani says:

-Man, you explain it so well. I suscribed.

Laky S. says:

pictures in the description is wrong , help fast!!

beachlover34698 (Leslie) says:

Amazing !!!
thank you I love this

MD. Shefaur Rahman Shakil says:

Man you are awesome… 

Luciano Moreira says:

Marty, you are very good, congratulations on your talent, your videos are
amazing .., .. Thanks. Google Translate
Marty, você é muito bom..parabéns pelo seu talento..seus vídeos são

Lewis Tozer says:

A fantastic tutorial, thank you.

sergi fernandez says:

Great tutorial, thanks.
Greetings from Barcelona(Catalunya)

IWannaBeTheMops says:

Mate, your videos are always amazing! Please keep the good work up! It’s
the only way I can learn to use Photoshop :(

Ironheart Fabrication says:

Thanks Marty. More pencils in the box…

hfjgkghhgk says:

awesome tutorial! are there any other sculpture busts i can find? thanks in

RnRoboT says:

Man your tutorials are the best!yesterday i recomended an showd to my
friend who’s never used ps or anything like that your tutorials and he was
speechless. He told me”this is the real tutorials,and now i have will to
start learn this stuff”! Thanks :)

Ali D says:

you have the best Photoshop tutorial on youtube. every little detail. you
are great teacher. thank you. one question when i open filter gallery >
plastic wrap.. my picture get all blurred? even i change the ” highlight
strength “, detail and smoothness also? any suggestion?

Yidhna Elven says:


Nelson Gabriel Gonzalez says:

Gracias. Great tutorial!!!

Navigator777777 says:

I thought I was fairly good at Photoshop before I saw your tutorials.
Now, I’ve learned I’ve developed some exceptionally bad habits for
achieving poor results.
No wonder this program cost and arm and a leg?
Fortunately, I copied, pasted and Saved-As both … and thanks to
photoshop, I no longer have two left thumbs.

Shypeon Datrack says:

You like mr Rogers or some shit aye

toddini73 says:

This one is a little more difficult than the other tutorials. I am having
the most trouble with the smudging.

Thomas Glenn says:

Great video, but for a darker person… how do i brighten the photo even

Damon Powell says:

Hi I was wondering how would I change the the hair to maybe a buzz cut or

anand ravi says:

thanzk maddy for this tutorial. variety one..

Technoplus S.A. - Business Seminars says:

#Photoshop: Make a Marble Sculpture Bust from a Photo

julian llinas zambrano says:

wwoowww por fin si pudiera dar like 10000 veces lo haría pero es

finally if I could give you would like 10000 times but it is impossible,

Typloshion K says:

Thanks Marty!! The tutorial was awesome but please can you tell me that
which screen recorder do you use..?

Dulag Utok says:


But I can’t download the sample images. Maybe it’s because of its extension
or “I don’t know why”.

Georgina Ellmann says:

thanks for your tutorials I always learn a lot They are simple and
explicit Thanks again

TheKanamesama says:

Could you show us how to do this without a blank bust? Because I think for
some of us it would e helpful

Twana emdad says:

the shortcut does not work in my cs6..What is the solution?????

Salim AL-fartoosi says:

I did not find alpha in the channels.what problem

kamal khawaja afzal says:

Its great to watch and listen…..

George Triantafyllides says:

As always excellent. Please can I have a video with a person’s own hair?

Marmee Cruz says:

Wonderful and inventive. Congratulations!

hi9313 says:

Best one yet

Marios Lamprou says:

You’re really Great!!! keep the excellent work and …. thank you!!!

Jaisingh peter says:

Hey im dark its not working

Jay Jacobs says:

Marty … great video. Your’s are the best yet :-)

ultrakool says:

you’re the michelangelo of the 21st century

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