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Lose weight FAST in Photoshop! Use Adobe Photoshop to virtually put someone on a diet! The same method can be used to add weight to a subject. Make sure to c…


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Robina Khan says:

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Flash Mob says:

I have a problem. when you make a selection and you want to use the same
selection shape to a new object how do you do that. i want the new object
to transform from from the old layer ?

Adison RECKLAM says:

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Ashique Ullah says:

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Scott Cillinsky says:

Very informative video on how to lose weight with Photoshop. Too bad it
only works on photoshop. Will you be coming out with a way to lose weight
in photoshop but it transfers to real life? lol… I guess that would be
cosmetic surgery… Great video!

Toby Deenen says:

remembers me of south park haha

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