Photoshop Live - Street Retouch Prank

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One Photoshop magician, one bus stop and lots of hidden cameras. For more creativity in action visit to see th…


RuthParodies says:

super creative! <3

Patrick Andersen says:

and every girl (maybe “man” too) would like to give her ass to that

Edouard Lafargue says:

How cool is this :)

Kevin Sweeney says:

Very cool.

benjamin holmgren says:

great !

Fady Mahfouz says:

Very very creative :D

Richard RikvanCZ says:


Jason Weaver says:

Wow, that would be crazy to see!

Also, I may as well say it, FNC sent me here. 

Keni Miller says:

Very cool, great prank

TMGnot says:


Stano0711 says:

Good idea :)

Gabriel Avramovici says:

Gluma bestiala in statia de autobuz

Siddhaswarupananda Pal says:

wow adobe team rocks .. great creativity to boost their brand and value..
appreciate the idea to catch attention of the public . great job guys

Alex Golovko says:

IdaFreia Vilma says:

How thu actuall fuck can you take away my mans poster?!


:-) waw. Like

J45UM says:

This is what world really needs !

Aris Alwan says:

wow :O amazing!!!

Amir Farhadi says:


Paweł Frankowski says:

Piękne :-)

Dean Nelson says:

Love the creativity! Right on!

Patricia Bolwerk says:

Photoshop live – real life ;) very nice :D

Bodas Cartagena says:

Master minds…great

nendi haikal ratih says:


Indra S. Adillah says:


Kris Cros says:

great job :)

TheRofu says:

How would he cut out the people so fast? Since when has PS such an ability
to do that in seconds? Nice idea anyway.

Joacim Gards says:

Only in Sweden!

Arum Rafida says:

Good !

Ryan Twistya says:

hahahaa, the old man face looks funny when distorted, very nice one…

Elaine van de Loo says:


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