Photoshop: How to Transform PHOTOS into Gorgeous, Pencil DRAWINGS

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Photoshop CS6 tutorial showing how to transform photos into subtle, gorgeous pencil drawings. Click here for BLUE LIGHTNING TV!…


Blue Lightning TV says:

BLTV Tutorial Flashback!:
How to make a pencil portrait of someone from a photo.

ceeyuu3 says:

very good, nice tut.

Pieter Hibma says:

Old Tutorial but a good one.

MegaRandomGuy97 says:

750,000th view

MsBombastix says:

Love your tutorial here but as a fellow photoshop lover, if you wanna make
the drawing have little pencil strokes, merge everything and copy the
background layer, go to filter – filter gallery – graphic pen and choose
the settings you feel looks good, then click ok and set that layer to
“darken” in the blending modes. play with the opacity until it looks right.
now your drawing has little drawing strokes, it looks even more
realistic!!! take care :)

Charlie Sill says:

Marty and Blue Lightning TV are fantastic! Photoshop galore!

Charlie McTruth says:

Easy concise info. Always look forward to your uploads.
You sound a bit like the late Dennis Farina ..

fitforsoccer000888 says:

How do you make the animated circles that you use throughout this edit?

Maria Santos says:

I try it and I love it, a lot!!! Thank you!! :)

Cherry Smith says:

help!!! When I save picture in jpad my computer can’t open it,how can I
save a photo and be able to open it later as a normal photo?

Garrett Bodman says:

Excellent tutorial, thanks!

Billy Permana says:

great works simply tutorial :)

Nana Quame says:

nice moves

Claudio carrelli says:

I tried to follow your method with PS CC, but when I apply the gaussian
blur filter, I do not see the image contour like in your video, but rather
a full grainy surface with the original image merged into it. The image I
am using is 9×7 inches with 300 PPI resolution

Ikra Nagara says:

alex makx says:

big up, this is great. thanks

Felipe Moraes says:


sandeep patil says:

superb, boss! i like this…..

Tech Specx says:

excellent – to create is the universal language

Rob B says:

Not “Any photo” Only great quality photo what you used in this video.

Mehdi Salim says:

nice job thanx

wittawin chantapoh says:

thx very much

Manpreet Singh Minhas says:

Splendid technique. Thank you for sharing this.

SworDoom77 says:

Well thank you sir ^^

Adrian Skateboy says:

So good thank you for posting. :-).

Saif Aladdin says:

thank you 

Prashob Pavithran says:

awesum, thnx!! dude..

Sam Hall says:

Oh, it’s simple when he does it. Mine aways look like crap

Bella L says:

Thanks so much! You’re one of the best Photoshop video tutors ever! Please
people let’s buy him a beer :)

I’ll drop by your website :)

Zdeněk Štěpnička says:

super tip 

Carolee Alt-Luppino says:

Great tutorial! Thanks, Marty.

Raj Dey says:


Star Ahmed says:


geoffphuket says:

So good, I watched it twice :-)

Ravindra Pai says:

Nice tutorial

Dušan Poljak says:

gr8 thx!

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