Photoshop: How to Quickly Transform Photos into Beautiful, Romantic Images

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Photoshop CC tutorial showing how to transform photos, especially portraits, into beautiful, romantic images and then add text to personalize them. Shutterstock photo of girl in trendy glasses:…


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You are the best teacher..:)

Javier Llucarelli says:

Gracias . Saludos

Miloš Popović says:

Get some pop filter

Shaf Hussain says:

Superb as per usual

erickroav says:

thank you marty

Владислав Фаско says:

Beautiful! ^^

MACH1 E-Scooter says:

Awesome job! That is what I was looking for!

dante danis says:

Now that was amazing. Thank you again.

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Clipping Path India says:

Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing.

md salman salman says:

Really you are doing great job.
And very easy to understand your tutorials thank you. 

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thank you marty.

Guilty One says:

i’ve never seen such a helpful channel like yours!

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thank you marty

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thank u my teacher.

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super brother Marty..! thank you thank you thank you..!

Rek2009 says:

I’ve seen TONS of video tutorials. Yours are first class. Top of the
heap. Thank you very much for your excellent work! 

ervinjr007 says:

You are fantastic with your tips of photoshop and excellent work. If
possible could you please help me with how to make a excellent mockup ???
because i found a lot in youtube but not a great job… Thanks and lot and
best regards…

rinimuji rahayu says:

thnx techer,,you are the best for me,, I so easy to understand,,thnkx so
much,, :*

Robert A Wallace says:

A Multi-Purpose Effect that is well explained with Simple & Easy

balkbron says:

Hello Marty I need some help. I have been trying to replicate the WWDC 2014
Background from apple, the one with the rainbow gradient with a square
halftone pattern on top, but i don’t know how to make that effect because
when i use the halftone filter it makes only dots. I was wondering if you
could make a tutorial about it. I would really appreciate it.

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nice background song :D

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thank you Marty

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Thanks, you r best.

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Que bueno eres!
Gracias por enriquecernos con estos conocimientos!!

md salman salman says:

Really you are doing great job.
And very easy to understand your tutorials thank you. 

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