Photoshop: How to Make a Woodcut from a Photo

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Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing how to transform a photo into the look of a woodcut. Wood texture: Photos provided by Tiger photo ID: 184333730…


kellyjdrummer says:

Marty, is that Blueberry Screen Capture software. I use the Standard on Win
7 and it looks exactly like your video cursor and additions/inserts. On Mac
I use QT Pro.

Blue Lightning TV says:
Gabriel Espinoza says:

Marty, which version of Photoshop would you consider the best? I work with
elements 11, and when following your tutorials, I sometimes lack tools used
in the video. Is there a version better than the rest? Thanks

Preston House says:
Brenda Vee says:

love your tutorials!!! you make it so simple to follow along and you seem
to do most of these in under 10min. thanks so much for the effort you put
into these for us!!

muncleike says:

Marty you da man, thanks for the lessons Sir !

Saurabh Sarang says:

Nice one Marty

Vyjebanakurva1000 says:

Great and proffesionaly made tutorial. As all of your videos. Thanks

Alexandre Maltezi says:

I had done some wooden arts with photoshop, but was just looking for one
that would convey a greater reality.
That his technique is great! I will now reproduce it in some papers that I
already have, and compare them.
-from Brazil: Many thanks for the excellent tutorial! 

Dave L says:

Marty, and glass etching videos like this?

Anonymous User says:

Interesting choice of music…

Anna Marie says:

Where can I download some brushes?

Franklin David says:

Excellento as always Marty, you never cease to amaze me.

Belen Sheppard says:

Great tut – thank you!! :)))

Rei Paeste says:

Gosh you’re so great

Zoubida Tanger says:

l am enjoying your channel , l have a request !
Can you please make us a tutorial for The Human Torch ?
Thanks in advance !

Salim AL-fartoosi says:

Matri Please explain how you can work for explanations like Video program
Techsmith Camtasia Studio

Anas Adel says:

Thanks for the video . Just want to asked , what are the criteria of
selecting an image . I mean I have 10s of images and I don’t know which one
will work the best.

boareserke says:

Thanks Blue Lightening TV, I just love your tutorials, so precise, accurate
and to the point!

Willian Ferreira says:

Great job!

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