Photoshop: How to Lose Weight and Reshape the Body

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Photoshop CC tutorial showing how to quickly and easily reshape & thin down a person in a photograph using the Liquify filter. FREE month of Skillfeed: skill…


jenaro says:

Press Ctrl + shift + alt + A + Q + L if you think this tutorial is too
easy to learn

Heil Cheesecakes! says:

Can you please give me the project file? if you do,you’ll get +1 sub

EXQD2 says:

My wife is going to love you!!!!

Tio Kwan says:

Can’t stop laughing when he swoops between the new and original image

Jessica Ren says:

cool channel <3

omri ofek says:

you went low this time man. I thought you were doing this for art. 

Blue Lightning TV says:
SBPV-TV says:

Have you found a sponsor? 

Alessandro Gi says:

Hi Marty, what do you think is the best option to make a selection?

Ellian Tash says:

Amazing!!! WOW!!

truknayr23 says:

WOW! thanks!

george aronis says:

I think every young teenage girl should watch this and not get
self-conscious of there own bodies…

Manuel Díaz says:

You are good men 

Adrian Willis says:

Hi was looking at a friends photo on IG and I notice the arm was
disfigured, looks like I know what she did now lol nice job :D

Dario Lovric says:

Not working for me at 4:56 when you adjust brush density and pressure for
me brush pressure can’t be moved it is at 1 i follow all you sad 10 times
and again same it stay at 1

Nevine Bha says:

thank you for this amazing tutorial !!!!!!!

Δημήτρης Σταθόπουλος says:

KEEP uploading my friend! great work!

Anil Ahmed says:

you are great, i am from pakistan

ahmed ali says:


DjJoYOne says:

super photo

Jesse Thompson says:

Amazing. I have almost never used the Liquify function. Clearly, it’s a
very powerful tool.

maher shams says:

Very very good explanation really cool .. Greetings Professor …

Amanda P. Fraser says:

Stil the besta raghma anfo

françois francois says:

another great tutorial thank you MARTY

Boriša Stojanović says:

good lesson…

alavi rafi says:

Thanks Marti. …….

Adham Mohamed says:

Hey, Marty can u teach us how to create our own calender

HobbitDD says:


ren booth says:

A quick way to loos weight !!

kgphgp says:


yootoob1958 says:

It’s also a way of making a man’s penis larger. ;-)

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