Photoshop: How to Add a RIPPLING, WATER REFLECTION to a Photo from Scratch

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Photoshop CS6 tutorial showing how to add a realistic, rippling, water reflection to a photo. The reflection will ripple out from it’s center as if you dropped a pebble into a lake or pond….


Royce D Harmon says:

Great video

Jacqueline Payne says:
Warren Lassabe says:


Hamza Endou says:

Hello ! the whole tutorial was awesome but I am wondering that which voice
simulator(Text-To-Speech) are you using?? Please can you tell me ??

Forever Endeavor says:

Thank you Marty for making and indicated this video.
We hope that you continue being always perfect so in everything you do.
Congratulations for your wonderful work and for your great voice not
You are brilliantly fantastic!
Greetings from Brazil.

Rahul Rawat says:


Josephat Kennedy says:

when I apply Filter>Distort>Displace with Hori & Vert 5×50 the upside down
image will pick some part from upper image to create reflection.

Chas Martin says:

Marty is a total genius. This was a little tricky to follow, but it works.
Another excellent Blue Lightening tutorial!

Amirul Islam says:

thanks !great video

Nvibudulu Ndala says:

You are the best 

Jasmine Le says:

thanks !

Tristan Mullany says:

When I get to the step to add the FILTER DISTORT/ZIG/ZAG, ziczag is greyed

JaanaJ1 says:

Why you use ‘Rectangular Marquee Tool’ instead of ‘Crop Tool’ to crop

Glen Webber says:

You may put a dent in financial bottom-line, I had no idea was
that easy.

emma lissette alvarado vasquez says:


ludvig sundby says:

when i add the reflection to the displacement map the ripples are still

kalyan srinivas says:

excellent…..thxs for the video

Linkham Vijayan says:

awesome…please upload more. thanks

Gerard van meel says:
Aleksa Bursac says:

How can I make ripple for ship on water?I need to make its like ship are

mg ace says:

subscribed.. make more video like this..

Gerald Healey says:

great video. very helpful. ta

Yogi says:

Thanks again for another clear, easy to follow and great tutorial!

Teng Chiang Lim says:
Lazare Londaridze says:

didn’t work for me, actually if you look at your reflection, it has problem
where tree starts but anyway tut is very usefull

Sandvink says:

Awesome. You make the best tutorials!

Dave Maher says:

Great video Marty.

Erich Vaughan Burton says:

Great Videos – easy to follow, clear and concise, rare on youtube. Thanks
for making these videos available

tarunbirsingh vohra says:

great video marty from tarunbir

kelly mccartney says:

hey marty,how do you take color halftone out of a pic once its been saved
like that?

Lucifers Hammer says:

Another awesome tutorial Marty!

Tristan Mullany says:

Your tutorials videos are amazing I love them.

N'jolela Costa says:

thanks for the video

Anastasia Soboleva says:

when i do the last step “displacement” the reflection that appears isn’t
twirled and zigzaged but just blured…. why can that happen?

Al Wahat says:

i would like to hear marty… narrate the epic novel of the sparrow…..
but i’d rather hear his voice narrating his fabulous tuts….hahahahah…
greetings marty..

Eric Diaz says:

you are the best!

Blue Lightning TV says:

zydeco404…that is correct, however, for this example, I decided to modify
the reflection to maximize the ripple effect. I could have modified the
ripple to match the original size of the image, but I preferred the the
final image’s perspective of the water’s surface.

Neferu Re says:

Love It pls keep putting up more tutorials

flyingseabass says:

Quick question, my zigzag is not letting me use it, is there a way to by
pass this? im working with an 8bit file


Excellent, thank you

malonlave says:

Great video Maety as all of them are, but I tried it with my full res
picture 23mp and I see no ripples what do I do? thanks;)

Blue Lightning TV says:

Nuvenim…New York

Sultry Sultana says:

Awesome tutorial as always, Marty. I always wanted to ask though, where are
you from? Your accent is rather unique to me, I haven’t heard one quite
like it.

zydeco404 says:

Great effect Marty…..but the reflection should be the same size as the

claudineia avila says:

Nossa muito bom ,seus vídeos sou sua fã, tenho aprendido muito com você
DEUS te abençõe mais e mais <3

stang20877 says:

would love to hear Marty as narrator of unsolved mysteries!

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