Photoshop Has Gone Too Far

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Maybe if we open our eyes to the truth about photoshop, we can photoshop ourselves a new #perspective. See more LIKE us on: http:…


Rougekill Kasster says:

Who? What? When? Where? Why? how’da!!?!!!!!?!!!!?

ahmed alhmadi says:


stephanie h says:

Waouh !

Lucas Anderson says:

Yet another unrealistic standard for pizza.

Heinz Pasulke says:

This is so fucking awesone… and definitely real! :D 

QuaDogz says:

Aaaand, pants back up!

Yoshitsugu Hayashi says:


TheChrisG says:

I find this really hard to masturbate on.

Fanboy8thst1 says:

That are just photoshopping a photoshopped photo it can not be done like

Tanner Wilber says:

this vid is not fake, but this video its not in reverse

Haast NZL says:

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Victoria Björnholm says:

cry or laugh?

giovanni salas says:

Lady GaGa?

L Dennison says:

:O *mind blown*

Slakyx Channel says:


I Ysee says:

Its funny because it says that it’s in reverse, when at the top right hand
corner you can see that the time is going forward :)

valargenal says:

At first I freaked out when she turned yellow

iiKozmo says:

I’m dead

ReverendRapture says:

lawd lawd lawd… pizza anyone?

RunningLoveFreedom says:

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, they gone to far

Bryan Mitchell says:

I’ll never look at my pizza the same way…

Matthew Del Poso says:

sigh, unzips..

Basilón says:

Haha! That has gone too far, for sure.
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you think. You probably won’t regret it. Enjoy!

Frej Teams says:


Nick Pancione says:

can’t breathe…..too funny.

Lyndon John Montanez says:

and that my friends make me wanna eat pizza.

Sophie Green says:


Klára Košacká says:


robo robi says:

Wow…. A piece of pizza became a model…. Wish that was true. c:

Bobo Kandy says:

I’m eating pizza right now

Stoned Cook says:

these are just getting weirder every time..


Fake! Its pho…videoshop.

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