Photoshop: EYES! How to Brighten, Enhance & Change Color

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Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing how to brighten, enhance and change the color of eye irises. Shutterstock image #1: ID# 67457449 Shut…


Blue Lightning TV says:
TheQueenStory says:

04:53 when I add layer mask suddenly the background become white not black
Omg what I should I do ? 

Lekeitha Alfred says:

Hi I am trying out the tutorial and for some reason when I go to the 2nd
eye It won’t highlight in red. WHat am i doing wrong?

ausguitarist says:

Marty with another boss tute!

Jumbo D says:

Pretty cool … thank you … !

sliM Maky says:

or you can paint eyes in new layer
make its Opacity 60%
and blendmode to linearburn
then use Hue & Saturation and polay around with Colors of eyes

Navigator777777 says:

You are always toggling between changes to who us the effects. How do you
do that?

Artai0s Dev says:

Thx for this tut!! Very helpfull

TheTacticalBarrage says:

Award winning work Sir.

Blue Lightning TV says:
CranK Bec says:

Great tutorial, I hope you explain very slow. 

mizu goru says:

thank you for sharing your talent ,,,more power..

Imran Shaikh says:

Awesome Marty as always ur too good

Kharen Sahe says:

Very useful thanks!

mizu goru says:

wow how come this guy never run out of technique in photoshop..

Ciatzo says:

great tutorial

byphysics says:

Thanks for video

Welsh Pigeon says:

Very good marty!

ren booth says:

Impressive work!!!!

abdou mimou says:

Very good

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