Photoshop Extreme Makeover

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Digital make over and make up using Photoshop CS5. If you like this video and want to learn more about my techniques, please check my other videos and subscr…


Dan Hammonds says:

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has shared, commented or
rated this video. I’m humbled by the 700k views.

I’ve decided to make more of these videos in the coming months, so please
keep an eye on my channel.

Dan Hammonds says:

I just want to point out that I never intended to make this girl “more”
attractive in any way, nor was I judging her looks. I think she’s naturally
very beautiful.

This video is simply a demonstration of Photoshop techniques and how it is
used in the industry.

Mario Drechsler says:

Regardless your experiences with photoshop: I dont wonder why I see so few
really beautiful women in advertising and media: they all are whitout any
character because most artists have a mainstream beauty in mind who shall
meet the taste of everyone. But real beauty and charactere lives from the
small peculiarities in everybodies face. Most examples in the net shows an
“after” which has nothing in common with the “before”. Complete different
people. So in my opinion cg artists should restrict themselves to hair
color and pimles. Things which change from time to time…(imagine Michail
Gorbatchov whithout his birthmark ;) )

Jane Emily says:

This is the reason why real beauty is no longer beautiful in the world’s
eyes. I’m not directing this toward you , Dan. I’m just so sick of seeing
women’s necks elongated, eyes moved and made larger, and a host of other
things viewed as not beautiful, changed before published. Not even models
are good enough anymore. The only way to achieve the beauty the world
believes is beautiful is to starve one’s self (Side note: I took modeling
and they recommended that we not eat AT LEAST one day per week) and be
photoshopped. Now, how is that fair? The world’s standard of beauty is
impossible and it has brainwashed an entire generation that they have to
look this way to be beautiful…only problem is…it isn’t humanly

shanethewolf says:

So many whiners and moral crusaders in these comments.

What a lot of you don’t realise is that Photoshop has made working life a
lot easier for models and opened the field. No longer do models need to
starve themselves before a shoot. No longer do models get refused a day’s
work because they’re looking tired and a bit worse for wear.

And let’s see how many of you hypocrites would buy lingerie advertised by
Susan Boyle in her natural state or high end aftershave advertised by Steve

KennyMisaSan91 says:

I’m curious about the eylashes, was that a brush? if yes, how do you
transform or warp it or whatever you did there? maybe it was a custom

Nathasha corazón says:

I’m so jealous.. hmm. I wish I know how to photoshop my own face. lol

Chris Eisenhower says:

All that work and you never corrected the very obvious cloned pattern you
created in her hair. 

Niusha S.k. says:

Work on the eyebrows, you made them ugly xD
Sorry, I always really focus on eyebrows

Riot_94 says:

That girl is so pretty

Fabolous Poods says:

Dang man, how’d this world change so much? We used to be so much better
then this.

alexlanza79 says:

I understand the artistry behind this and I applaud that, but still I don’t
agree on this recent way of mistreating the real bodies to make it more
prefect ’cause I prefer to see the real stuff instead this fake photos.
It’s a work of art, but looks really unreal!

KingFisherProductions says:

This is soo cool!!!!

Farhi Rosley says:

what a talent!

Laylla Willow says:

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Damn, I’m a PS noob when I see this. XD


Holy FUCK thats An entirely another person ! experience in photoshop taken
to a new level!

kesa1986 says:

oh and dan your hot 

Liss TH says:

Te falto plancharle el pelo XD

Chibi Chika says:

She goes from kid to teen

Joona Knuutinen says:


Tom Garcia says:

mouse or tablet?

PichDextro says:

Das ist furchtbar!
Sie war bereits am Anfang schön und es ist schrecklich, dass sie nicht
einmal ihre Haar-und Augenfarbe behalten darf. Selbst natürliche, wahre
Schönheit ist keine Schönheit mehr :( Sowas zu sehen macht mich traurig

maddie roscoe says:

girls be like ‘no edit’

Messimaestro says:

From zombie to Seychelle Gabriel

Alyssa Burns says:


axel22lr says:

Just amazing, i want the same thing haha 

Makenzie Davis says:

Can you photoshop my profile picture @.@

Emma P says:

If only I could photoshop a few pounds off me in real life xD 

kesa1986 says:

This is really good because I was looking for ideas on using real people
and turning them into sort of Cartoon illustrations 

J10NN says:

Great work!
On the left she already looks very cute, doesn’t need any photoshop, anyway

Bruno Vieira says:

pensei que ele ia escovar e dar prancha no cabelo dela também

BosoxnationI972 says:

The before and after pics just look like a girl without make up, and then
with, plus a few extras like extensions and an eyebrow wax. Not drastic at
all. You wanna see drastic? Look at pics of Lady Gaga with and without
make-up…or Katy Perry. You’ll be amazed.

Just A Simmer says:

I would love a tutorial on this!

Mee Laa says:

3:15 was her best look

PurpleProductions says:

I was watching videos that will make you believe that the world is a
beautiful place. Then i saw this…
Excuse me, let me just take a nice warm bath for the last time and throw
myself in front of a car because this is the real world that we live in…
Yep, its sad i know.

Tony Vid says:

you have some serious skill. i would not mind learning a few form you. Good

Bethany Francia says:

Can you do a tutorial please?

Zoey Walter says:

It’s like you got her ten years older, she turned into a matured person :D
Lol I like it.

lullabiesism says:

I mean she’s already beautiful, this is just how she will look like if she
wear makeup.

PissedFechtmeister says:

Any woman who whines about Photoshop should be banned from wearing make-up,
jewelry, and any clothes designed to enhance her appearance. 

Olivia Hampton says:

I HATE when guys say that girls are lying by using making when they’re the
same guys that judge me when i dont

indiesiddey says:

she was already beautiful.

luuchii aguiirre says:

this crazy change that gave the photo: | and I go into photoshop and I do
not understand here ._.

Celly Bieber Stylinson says:

OMG!!! u’re amazing!!!

vixenius says:

Left eyebrow looks longer.

DarkWr4ith says:

Dafuq they even need makeup artists anymore for? They can cut costs just by
getting in a ‘shopper like this. So wrong…

Very nice demo though.

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