Photoshop Elements 11 & 10 Logos with Graphics 2 Photoshop Elements Tutorial

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 & 10 Logos 2 Photoshop Elements Tutorial. In this Photoshop Elements Tutorial, InfoPuppet shows you how to create a logo for your…


Susie Miller says:

Video stopped working at about 7 minutes into it :/. 

Amber Davidson says:

When I save my it puts a white background on it how can I get that off

LadiesWithCameras says:

You are my heroe!!! I’ve been looking to many tutorials without
understanding a bit. Now, I feel much much better! Thank You, Thank

xXshellbobXx says:

when I go to load the new file to move the semi circle over it doesn’t open
in the same window and I cant do the rotate bit how come please

Jeannette Gauthier says:

HI love you teaching technique. Awsome. However when I create my circle
cookie cutter to even out my messy magic lasso work, I don’t get a
transparent circle as you do and when I click ok nothing happens. What am I
doing wrong. Hope you see this comment. We are now in 2014 :-) Just found
you and of course subscribed!

Guadalupe Monteon says:

I love your videos. I seriously don’t know what I would do with out you
guys. I love you InfoPuppet!

Vishnu Vijay says:

awesome tutorial but… can you make your sound a little less rough?? its
really rough [if you know what i mean] :)

kalle im says:

Genius from argentina.

qweedow says:

Thanks for Tutorials

Kelly Gooch says:

I was wondering if it would be better to draw a logo and mask it and put
color into it? Info what do you think about it. I was thinking about taking
a picture of the logo I drew and then bring it up photoshop elements 

Earl Cousins says:

Hey Info! Happy Thanksgiving! How do you cut out text so that the text
becomes the backgound? Ex. Have American flag and you type on it and you
want the text to have the strips, stars etc. become the text color. Thanks!

InfoPuppet says:

Hi Aviationrevue! You should definitely do that. I’ve uploaded two
tutorials on gradients.

InfoPuppet says:

Hi TXRose! Sorry it is my only voice. :(

InfoPuppet says:

Hi Barb! Thank you, by the way I love your wings!

Aviation Revue says:

Hi info puppet, what was the reason for using the magnetic lasso for the
top half of the circle. Could you elaborate? Thx!

InfoPuppet says:

Hi Gary! Thank you for the huge compliment!

Lee Wood says:

THE best Photoshop Elements tutorials anywhere on YouTube – Fact!

InfoPuppet says:

Hi jean! Thank you for your support!

Barb Ghig says:

Another GREAT video, InfoPuppet…so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

HardwareJunky Joe says:

hey man nice channel and your tutorials are THE BEST! subbed :-)

Aviation Revue says:

I need to watch the tutorial on gradient tool now!

InfoPuppet says:

Hi Lee! Thank you so much for the huge compliment!!

InfoPuppet says:

Hi Jaron! Well I am so glad that you’re not having nightmares about me!

InfoPuppet says:

Hi HardwareJunky Joe! Thank you for the compliment. I checked out your
channel I like what you are starting to put together with your channel and
I love your YouTube user name!

jaron Ward says:

I have dreams about you infopuppet

Abenso 84 says:

You’re simply awesome and funny too…. I love your tutorials Good Job!!!!!!

InfoPuppet says:

Hi Aviiationrevue! With the method that I used I needed to use the magnetic
lasso tool in the top half of the circle so that when I used the gradient
tool, the gradient would only appear in the top half of the circle and not
the entire image.

Aviation Revue says:

Do you have an email address for questions?

InfoPuppet says:

Hello Aviationrevue! Right now I don’t but you can ask me any question
right through the comments on any of my videos or on my YouTube channel

InfoPuppet says:

Hi Ingrid! No, problem glad to hear from you again!

Ingrid van kuijk says:

thanks, it would be very helpful (lees music noise) and thanks fot the very
simple and easy way you explain how to use elements! Just heard there is a
new version (12) out ! I am using elem. 10, and I just might consider bying
the new version as PS.CC is too expensive for an amateur like me. Wonder
what all the new features are! sorry, I could not reply on the comment
under the hair tutorial !

TXRose65 says:

OMG…I love the puppet but you give such good info but the voice…OMG…I
can’t follow b/c of the voice and I need this tutorial so bad…do you have
it posted in a normal voice anywhere?

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