Photoshop CS3 – Extreme Re-Touch/Makeover (HD)

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Extreme Re-Touch/Makeover Done In Photoshop CS3 Video Was Edited With Sony Vegad Pro 8 And Recorded With Hypercam2 Link for eyelash brush – http://xmisslizx….


sifou alvaro says:

you work fast or just i imagine that ?

Laine Porwit says:

Goodbye humanity, hello ridiculous and unobtainable beauty standard.

Holly taylor says:

SOOO FAKE! its a pity people use Photoshop in this way :-(

aperkins07 says:

so this is how they do the before and after photos in all the make up ads

Alexandra Argy says:

too fake…

Batt Mann says:

Man, you’ve taken a lot of heat for this one. I’d say ditto on the
eyebrows, mouth too low, and right ear unmatched to the left. I guess
beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Good luck on the next one. 

neka tamo says:

her eyebrows looked better before

Gretchen Hunemuller says:

She looked better the first time. Now she just looks all fake (like so many
other people these days…).

Lucy A. says:

Well you can work with photoshop but this was overdone, she does not look
like real person, just like a cartoon and why the hell you had to do this
with her beautiful eyebrows??? You just made them look like shit… anyway!

Soapy G says:

what the hell the eyebrows are horrible why change them when they were
perfect to begin with? Not impressed a bad photoshop!!

glendy arango says:

Lol bad photoshop

Alex x says:

More beautiful at first

tini tevau says:

first thing i saw: Spotify: Hillsong United ♥

Chloé SummerTime says:

Si děláš prdel o.O Neuvěřitelný co ten počítač už všechno dokáže… A je to

glendy arango says:

Idiota sus cejas estaban perfectas

Corine Provisor says:

Très mal fait !!!

Medídek Pů says:

The Sims 2 makeover.

khouloud hassan hachem says:

wawwwwwww vous êtes impossible

snickeraddict Badon says:


mute lie says:

До обработки было намного красивее..

OtomeMome says:

She looks…like a cgi model or something after the retouch. (it gives me a
video game character feel anyhow)

Regina phalenge says:

the eye brows were much better without retouch :O

Nanna Nielsen says:

I liked her eyebrows better before the edit….

Jashan Kalsi says:

ohmygod that made her eyebrows and lips look worse. she looked way better
before. if i was doing that i would probably just get rid of the redness 

Frida Herting says:

Whyyyyyyy would you destroy those perfect eyebrows?

TheSingingPug says:

wtf? you made her look less attractive…

Orpheus Csd says:

i was sure you suck at photoshop so skipped it at 7.19 and saw what you did
to her. why?

XGreyCrowX says:

LOL Sorry but this is so bad. Yeah you need to learn a great deal more
about how to use photoshop properly when you are going to do a makeover.
Heck it seems like I know less than you about all the features in photoshop
but I can still do a better job no offense. I do alot by hand the hard way
and still get better results. Don’t smooth out the skin—big mistake.
Eyebrows looked better before but you failed to enhance what was beautiful
about it to begin with. Eye shadow could of been implemented more giving
her an even more sexier look. Bottom eyelashes are non-existant. Uneven
balance in skin tone. Shadows on face could of been greatly improved.
Etc… Anyway, good try but she looks like a plastic alien.

Caju Sampaio says:

you’re terrible dude! you really need so much trainning!

Meredith Lindsen says:

Can someone tell me where can i find this program (or whatever is called)?
Please tell me, I really need it! Thank you. 

Anaelle Fang Ling Tia says:

It looks alien like and ugly in the photoshop! I prefer the before!

masha beirsack says:


Martyna Terlecka says:

Eyebrows looked better before to be honest, still good though 

andrebax92 says:

You really can’t use photoshop…
Anyway this model (Rachel Roberts) doesn’t need photoshop.

anamarieus says:

Every teenage girl should watch this so they know what they do for print in
magazine ads and layouts of model spreads. 

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