Photoshop Compositing/Masking – No Plug Ins!

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A quick way to use the power of photoshop to do a lot of the work of compositing one image into another. Using luminance masking along with commands like color range and also painting masks…


invalidacess says:

Ive used this method before too. The only issue ive encounter with this is
sharp edges. It is one of the ways ive done masking but i have learned
other ways which have more or less been similar and helped with the process
of masking. Each one is kinda different regarding what the subject is, (
person, thing, or place…) overall it is a good thing to know this one as
well as others. All we needed was a voice over the video.

digrist1 says:

Put the woman back! The heck with the landscape. LOL!

vincent brooke says:

You lost me about 3 seconds in

brian garnett says:

you are a real artist bro thanks only thing i wouldve liked would be voice
over step by step

Robert Benson says:

Yeah, it’s a little advanced if you’re a beginner. Didn’t seem like a lot
of requests for a step-by-step, which I offered. Although, I am grateful
for the 9 likes, it’s not really enough to warrant a couple hours worth of
tutorials. :(

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